Sound therapy cracks the code to release the fears that hold you back from your full potential

I’d like to introduce you to a precise sound therapy tool that assesses 1 billion bits  of information  from your unique voice. It is not only revolutionary, but evolutionary in expanding your personal power and increasing the law of attraction in your life.

It’s called:  Cloud Sound Therapy.

What is Cloud Sound Therapy?

Scalar energy activates consciousness

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Sound Therapy is the solution you’ve been searching for.  By assessing your voice with our precise sound therapy algorithm, we are now able to literally crack your unique code. By understanding and then harnessing the power of this knowledge you will be freed from the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back.  You will find that your mind is now free to fully embrace the law of attraction, thus bringing prosperity, health, and happiness into your life.

Sound therapy assesses voice notes

Could your voice hold the secret key to free you from stress and liberate your law of attraction power?

The real secret is hidden in the five octaves of your voice. We’ve cracked the code to use your own voice as the formula to change your brain, change your life and release your mind power.

The science behind Cloud Sound Therapy

What’s in your voice is in your life and how to crack the secret of your subconscious mind power and retrain your brain

Whether you realize it or not, your unique patterns of frequency are creating your reality.

Each day your life is following a script, and subconsciously you adhere to this script for better or worse. With Cloud Sound Therapy, we have developed an algorithm to measure your voice, find your individual frequency, and improve your ability to release the subconscious blocks that will raise your frequency. These patterns of frequency are measurable from your voice, using our algorithm…and yes, we can find your frequency and raise your resonance.

Sound therapy detects subconscious patterns

What lies beneath the surface has more control than you may know.

Approximately 95% of these frequency patterns lurk beneath the surface of your conscious mind at the subconscious level. Your conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg, so if your subconscious has a different set of beliefs, this “consciousness” is what is manifesting your reality.

Sound therapy algorithm detects voice code

Your VOICE CODE unlocks the key to your stress.

Your voice precisely reveals your subconscious fears and traumas. You cannot mask these. These subterraneous stress patterns attract and repel even though you are not aware of it. This explains why you are not creating the law of attraction results that you desire, even after years of conscious visualization and practice.

Sound therapy assesses five octaves

Cracking your VOICE CODE releases the stress of your subconscious blocks.

Cloud Sound Therapy pinpoints the weak and stressed notes in your voice, and harmonizes these.

Sound therapy listening with headphones

We find your stress and create a 27 minute Cloud Sound Therapy audio track to release it.

Once these deep stresses are released, the Cloud Sound Therapy audiotrack retrains your brain by repeated listening.

Visible proof of results: Chakras aligned and balanced in 27 minutes

The chakra pictures were captured before and after a Sound Therapy Session with the GDV camera invented by Russian scientist, Dr. Korotkov. They show that the client’s crown chakra was severely out of alignment. These pictures provide the evidence that the correct sound therapy frequencies align the chakras in a 27 minute session.

Sound Therapy Assesses 7 Chakras


Sound Therapy Aligns 7 Chakras



Sound therapy audiotrack voice customized

Like the human finger print, no two human voices are identical.

In essence, we are individual symphonies of sound. The five octave display demonstrates this accurately.

Sound therapy five octave display

Your Voice Code is easily measurable by our proprietary algorithm that measures 1.5 billion bits of information which detects these nuances from the frequency patterns of your voice.

Sound therapy binaural beats headphones

We then create a customized sound therapy audio track from our cloud and deliver it to your inbox.

Sound therapy personalized tuning fork

This soundtrack acts as your customized tuning fork to support you to get back into the flow of clarity, creativity, and harmony.

Voice Activated Sound Therapy

Your voice is the most direct way to find your stress and hack your reality.

Your customized sound therapy audio track finds your stress and acts like a tuning fork to release subconscious stress at the deepest level.  (24×7)

What is Sound Therapy ebook

For a free copy of “WHAT is “Cloud” Sound Therapy? Find Your Frequency, Attune to your Flow, So You Can Just Let it Go in 27 minutes a day” leave us your name and email address.

NY Times bestselling author, the late, Masaru Emoto in “The True Power of Water” (p. 124) states about the  sound therapy software: “If this new system becomes popular, music therapy would make a quantum leap, because the sound with the most suitable information can be delivered to our individual cells.”

Masaru Emoto, “The True Power of Water” p. 124

After listening to the sounds created by the software for 30 minutes, the stiffness in my shoulders suddenly disappeared.”
Dr. Masaru Emoto, “The True Power of Water”, p. 124
Sound therapy software wins awards

Sound therapy software on CNBC

Why is Cloud Sound Therapy effective? Sound & vibration are 100x more efficient than physical signals like hormones in relaying information to your body & brain.

Bio-Physicist,Dr. Colin W.F. McClare, discovered that frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly 100 times more efficient in relaying information to your body and brain than tangible physical signals, such as hormones, vitamins, neurotransmitters, and other growth factors (Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief, 2008).

That would explain how different healing sound frequencies can impact our moods and emotions, and the moods and emotions of those around us. It is believed that feelings of sadness, anger, fear, and dread have a low frequency while feelings, of love, happiness, gratitude have a high frequency.

Cloud Sound therapy is the key that opens the door to the precise sound therapy and vibrational formulas that will relay the correct information to your body and retrain your brain. These balancing sound therapy formulas can also be amplified through the OmPocket to enhance the results.

5 Reasons our clients have chosen Cloud Sound Therapy


“I do my sound therapy every morning before I start my day. It is like a human reset button. After my near death experience, I realized that I had not done enough to bring this work to the world.”
Keith Doll, Farmer, Alberta, Canada
“The tones removed armour that I didn’t know I had. I became freer to create a life of my choosing. I was a fashion executive in NYC,and I transformed into a sound healer and moved to the west coast.”
Anastasia, Sound healer, Santa Monica, California
“One session is like years of psychotherapy. It has a laser like efficiency.”
Laurie Klein., Audio Producer, South Fallsburg, NY


Freedom from fear, anxiety, sadness, and  addictions

“This process breaks loose old patterns and sets you free.”
Claudia Peralto, Healer, Mexico City, Mexico
“It is the closest to a human reboot button as anything I have seen on the planet.”
Ian Burton, IT Consultant and Director of Operations at Quantum Sound Therapy.


Fewer dramas & roller coaster rides of emotional ups and downs.

“It is like a swift clearing of loss and upsets. Like hitting a reset button to my higher self, but with the added wisdom of the most recent past loss or upsets.”
Susan, Toronto, Canada


Wow, what an experience! The Cloud Sound Therapy files downloaded fine, and listening is underway. Stuff is crackling out of my body, some stuckness is releasing, and a smile is emerging spontaneously.


“like carrying your sound therapist around with you.”

“This morning I listened to my tones at 4 a.m., I felt like the building blocks I’m made of were actually shifting in me. I’ve never experienced anything like that in over 40 years of using many different tools. It does indeed feel like a miracle.
Deb Svanefelt, Certified Sound Therapist, Ontario, Canada

Could your voice hold the key to your subconscious that would liberate your law of attraction power?


Sound Therapy for Couples online

Couples Session 49.95

Sound therapy changes your brain

Personal Session 49.95


Use our Cloud Sound Therapy software to send us your voice sample

Sound therapy online instructions 1

Download the Cloud Sound Therapy App

Sound therapy instructions step 2

Take your Voice Sample

Sound therapy instructions step 3

Send it to us at the click of a button

Sound therapy instructions step 4

Your sound therapy frequencies will arrive in minutes

How to do cloud sound therapy


How do I take my voice sample at Cloud Sound Therapy? You have two options.

  • In a natural speaking voice, say the vowel sounds with “B” and “H” in front of them like this: “BAY, BEE, BYE, BO, BOO…HAY,HEE,HI,HOE,HOO.” Repeat until the time has completed.
  • Create an affirmation of your choice. We will provide some samples when you order your Cloud Sound. Keep repeating the affirmation until the time is complete. If you are doing this as a couple or as a group, repeat the same affirmation in unison.


*The Cloud Sound Therapy program is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Please note that this app does not natively run on Mac OSX (It will run on Windows Virtual Machines or Bootcamp installations). Coming soon to Android and iPhone/iPad!

Disclaimer: The information posted here by is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition.