Discover The Power Of An Aligned State

Visible Proof That Sound Therapy Aligns Chakras

This harmonization allows for an aligned state resulting in improvements in both mood and emotion. This balance was revealed in Chakra Balancing Photography (below)).

When the five octaves involved in your voice code are balanced, so too are your chakras. Your chakras — the seven main energy centers in your body — house your emotional and mental strengths; both of which are improved through our Cloud Sound Therapy. A Sound Therapy Session conducted using our Cloud Sound Therapy technology revealed amazing results in the realignment and harmonious balance of the subject’s chakras. As is evidenced in the images below, we utilized image-capturing technology — called GDV — invented by the Russian scientist, Dr. Korotkov. These results show how the frequencies balance of the subject’s five octaves in their voice from our Cloud Sound Therapy supported the realignment of their chakras. Through our sound therapy algorithm, the frequencies used to balance the five octaves of your voice work also to balance your chakras. This often results in increased harmony and alignment in your state of emotional and mental well-being.