Personal Vs. Couple/Group Sessions

Our software is original code written by our mysterious genius, Les, under the guidance of Robert Lloy.

Our soundtracks are composed in Les’s waveform that we have affectionately named: The Golden Six. We have tripled the power of Binaural beats (x3) to deliver these unusual sounding vibrations.

This complex waveform can shift your vibration instantly. Our unique interference pattern actually disrupts the grip that your root pain patterns have on your personality and your life.

A LITTLE WARNING THOUGH. This is not like relaxation-meditation music, Mozart or heavenly angels playing lyres. It is precisely formulated frequencies in a complex waveform that disrupts your patterns. You can consider this a “frequency pattern interrupt.”

Personal Session

Like the human fingerprint, no two human voices are the same, and your voice code is unique.

Our Proprietary Algorithm Deciphers The Unique Frequency Of Your Root Pain Pattern

Our algorithm analyzes 1 billion bits of information from the 5 octaves of your voice. By mathematically assessing the frequencies, we pinpoint the weak or stressed notes of your voice and compose the soundtrack to harmonize them.

The soundtrack acts to shift the frequency of your root pain pattern. This positive shift reduces the weight of the emotional baggage that has kept you in bondage every moment of your life.
Our sound therapy algorithm helps its users remove the fear and stress they experience both consciously and subconsciously. By removing these negative factors, users can more openly and actively harness the power of their subconscious mind for real happiness.

Listen to your frequencies as many times as you like, as you go about the business of your day.
We recommend listening to it at least once a day. Need an attunement? You can listen anywhere, anytime. That’s quantum for you.

In just 24 minutes a day, you can reduce the pain, boredom, and misery you’ve been hanging on to.

We are not like the conventional boilerplate applications that are readily available in most voice analysis systems, and with most voice analysis “therapies” and Machines on the market today. Our code has been custom designed, refined and revised since 1990. That is why it took us over 6 years to create version 4.0. It is similar to the difference between a custom tailored and designed suit, and one you bought off the shelf at Walmart.

Couple/Group Sessions

Couples/Group Cloud Sound Therapy Improves Harmony & Eases Communication In All Of Your Significant RELATIONSHIPS: Shifting Your Vibration Transforms Your Relationships

It is a natural (and confidential way) to improve relationships. Our sound therapy algorithm dissolves the barriers of fear and stress which prevent couples from connecting authentically.

The Power Of Sound To Shift Negative Emotions

The Soundtrack Harmonizes The Relationship Tension

Couples report enhanced appreciation, improved communication, self-worth, and relationship satisfaction. You can take a voice sample alone, or as a couple in unison. A soundtrack is then created that is a blend of your fundamental frequencies.

By removing the stress point(conflict) and root pain patterns, couples are more open to accepting the love they feel for their partners. It brings the couple into the richness of the present moment, and the realization of the love that joined them in the first place. The same principle works for teams, groups, organizations, and families. It is very powerful for the couple to state an affirmation like I Love You.