The Mathematics of Your 5 Octave Voice Sample

The Cloud Sound Therapy Software sounds complicated, but there is a formula behind the madness! Read this blog to see how we created this life-changing software!

“Mathematics is the universal language. The composition of the earth and the human body is the Table of Elements. We analyze one billion bits of information from your voice to determine the elements in your voice that are weak and stressed. We then are able to harmonically balance these with frequency.”

“Our Cloud Sound Therapy Software is by far the most accurate and reliable system available. It melds the science of mathematics and sound to produce a system that mediates change with a precision unprecedented by any other system. Other systems rely on simple monotone frequency generation, low-resolution analysis, basic tonal analysis and generally do not offer the complexity required to mediate change within the user. When coupled with proprietary Scalar Vortex Technology, this system is unbeatable.” Leslie J. Marshall (M. Sc.) July 24, 2006

Some 45 years ago I was overwhelmed with an inner question of how to take an atomic weight (element) and represent it by a frequency. I had seen many energy workers claiming to have taken the atomic weight and divided it by two until it landed in a theta or alpha frequency range. Weight and Frequency (oscillation) are different and cannot be made to represent each other. Eventually, I was given a formula based upon the resonant frequency of an atom immersed in a saline solution at body temperature. Over the years this formula has remained true. During that time, I was also given the correct pairing of the elements.

To restore balance, one must always consider the elemental pairing. Below is an overview of the program we used to convert the elements into usable frequencies. We added this special balancing program (Elemental ToneUp) to our special Quantum iQubes.

The resonant frequency is sometimes referred to as natural or characteristic frequency and is the frequency at which a mass undergoing forced oscillation will have the greatest amplitude of motion for a given amount of force. For maximum efficiency in energy transfer, the driving force

should be set to the resonant frequency of the driven mass. An atom immersed in a saline solution can be modeled as a simple harmonic oscillator, a mass attached to a spring, with the atom as the mass and the fluid as the spring. The velocity of sound in a medium is related to the adiabatic bulk modulus.

For saline solution: c = 1531 m/s at 25° C+ 2.4 per° C over 25°. At body temperature: of 37° C, c = 1559.8 m/s. p = 1.025 g/c³ which gives k = 2.493,800.4. These numbers are then put into the first equation along with the mass of the atom (equal to the atomic mass times u = 1.66 x 10²³ grams) which gives the resonant frequency. This formula is the best way to represent and convert atomic weight to cycles per second, hertz frequency.