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Sign Up Now To Attend Our Free Masterclass

Sign Up Now To Attend Our Free Masterclass

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5G Protection
How Your Voice Holds The Secret To Hack Your Subconscious and Release Lifelong Blocks To Your Happiness & Success;
Deep Delta Sleep Is The Key To Rejuvenation & Healing & How Sound Waves Can Entrain You To Sleep More Deeply & Longer
The little-known healing system that combines soundwaves with energy to literally vacuum negative energy out of your life!
The healing mystery of the Quantum Vortex that’s obliterating illness and wraps you and your family in a bubble of protection.
How to hack into and hear your subconscious voice code that unlocks the alignment, joy, and prosperity you’ve been longing for
How to activate the genius zone in your brain for endless creativity and wealth attraction
How shamans and healers awaken their third eye intuition and how YOU can too.

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About Helena Reilly, M.A.

Helena is the co-founder of Quantum Sound Therapy and the co-creator of the Quantum Sound Miracle iQube.
Helena has devoted her life to finding the hacks to establish peace, prosperity & genius on planet earth during times of radical change.
She is a psychologist trained by the best at the University of Chicago and the avatar immortal masters of the far east.