The Benefits Of The OmPocket

Meditation programs, or simplistic binaural beat products, try to make it easier for you to focus when meditating… (hint: it takes practice, practice, practice!) The coherent, scalar energy field generated by the Quantum OmPocket protects you from EMFs and other discordant energies.

By creating a functional scalar shield the brain training Quantum OmPocket has the added benefit of clearing your immediate environment and protecting you from the incoherent fields generated by EMFs, Radiation and Discordant negative energy of all varieties.

The repetition of the sound waves, amplified by the scalar energy technology, optimize brain training while surrounding you in a coherent field as you work, play, relax, meditate or sleep. It is a plug and play, portable scalar energy technology.

Our groundbreaking technology aligns you and takes the struggle out of your life. Instead of becoming scattered or overwhelmed by repetitive emotional or dysfunctional states, you can automatically retrain your brain to higher resonance and neural coherence. This brainwave coherence that you experience facilitates your manifestation and law of attraction power.

Quantum OmPocket Brain training is the repetition of the alpha-theta-gamma sound formulas, amplified by the scalar energy technology. This optimizes the brain training that is a crucial function of the Om Pocket.
The Om puts you effortlessly in the optimal vibration or higher brainwave frequency to manifest your life. It helps you stay in a higher alignment, so you are in the right place at the right time in the optimal vibration to manifest your law of attraction power.

The Quantum OmPocket technology does the heavy lifting, enhancing your consciousness while re-training your brain as you go about living your life.