NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) on Our Quantum Scalarwave Structured Water Using Bioimpedance Equipment

NMR is a non-invasive way to look at molecules – their composition shape and motion. 

The NMR linewidth value reflects the potential interaction between water in its different physical shapes. The narrower (or smaller the value of) the linewidth, the less the water molecules are changing physical states or environments. Water samples with narrow (or small) line widths (FWHH) therefore have a more static (non-changing) and stable physical environment of the liquid water molecules that comprise it.

The 170 – NMR for normal tap water usually measures between 85 and 150 Hertz, indicating an unorganized state of the water and a cluster size of (H2O)12-13. Hexagonal Water usually measures between 60 and 70 Hz. indicating a higher percentage of 6 ring structures (H2O)6.

Our Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water produced an MNR reading of 61 Hertz. We only use distilled water in our water structuring process. The NMR change to 61 indicates that we took a very disordered distilled water and converted it to an extremely coherent water using our Scalarwave Technology.

You must mix distilled water with our structured concentrate. You must start with water that has been stripped of memory (distilled). When you mix distilled water with our concentrate it is converted to structured water. The new structured water produces a perfect geometric crystal structure. Our crystals images were created in Japan from the “Purity/Clarity”, “Super”, “Supercalm” and “Indigo” concentrates.

Water Test with RJL Bioimpedance Equipment

Test using Purity/Clarity Structured Water

Male #1 has been drinking Scalarwave Structured water. He drank 7 ounces of Purity Scalarwave Structured water

Male #2 has not been drinking Scalarwave Structured water. He drank 10 ounces of tap water

Male #3 has not been drinking Scalarwave Structured water. He drank 10 ounces of distilled water

We performed a test to show what happens when you drink Purity Scalarwave Structured water, tap water, and distilled water. The tests show that when we drink normal tap water the readings went down indicating that the water did not change the Intracellular Water or Extracellular Water during the 30-minute test.

The chlorine etc. in the water is actually harmful to your Phase angle (general health condition). When you look at the photos of tap water or distilled water, it becomes obvious that they would be very slow and inefficient at hydrating the cells and flushing toxins from your system.

In the case of distilled water, the readings made little or no change. Even still, it indicates that you are better off drinking dead (without memory) distilled water than tap water.

In the case of Purity Scalarwave Structured Water, the net cell water jumped by 2.1 liters in 10 minutes although only 200 ml of Purity Scalarwave Structured water was consumed. In other words, less than 7 ounces of Purity Scalarwave Structured water caused the cells to flush and pump over 1/2 a gallon of cell water. Every test shows an improvement after drinking 200 ml of Purity Scalarwave Structured water.

No other solution has been able to produce these dramatic changes. Our perfect hexagonal scalarwave structured water proves it is capable of transporting nutrients and removing toxins from the cells. 2nd test was taken 30 minutes after consuming solutions.

Phase Angle

The Key Points are

The net cell water jumped by 2.1 liters. In other words, less than 7 ounces of Purity Scalarwave Structured water caused the cells to flush and pump over 1/2 a gallon of cell water. Every test shows an improvement after drinking Purity hexagonal Scalarwave Structured water.

What is Phase Angle

Phase angle is based on total body resistance and reactance and is independent of height, weight and body fat. Lower phase angles appear to be consistent with either cell death or a breakdown of the cell membrane. Higher phase angles appear to be consistent with large quantities of intact cell membranes and body cell mass. All living substances have a phase angle. In fresh uncooked vegetables, phase angle can exceed 45 degrees. In cooked vegetables, the phase angle is zero because they are dead.

Why is Phase Angle Important

Phase angle is a predictor of outcome and indicates the course of disease and increases as the result of optimal health based on good nutrition and constant exercise. As we get older phase angle will decrease and will be approximately 4 or less when we die. Fit adolescents may have a phase angle greater than 10. This effect is a result of cell integrity due to age. Good fitness and lifestyle is the key to maintaining a healthy phase angle.

Low Phase Angles are consistent with:

1. Malnutrition
2. HIV/AIDS infection
3. Cancer (most types)
4. Abusive lifestyle
5. Chronic Alcoholism
6. Old Age (80 – 100 years)

If the fluid you drink is not able to hydrate and flush the toxins from your cells then your health and welfare are subject to these pollutants. Depression etc. is a direct result of toxin buildup. The battle to hydrate cells must be considered as the first line of defense to your health and feeling of well being.

What is Parallel Capacitance

All living things are made of cells. Cells are membrane-bounded compartments filled with a concentrated solution of chemicals and salts. Groups of cells perform specialized functions and are linked by an intricate communications system. The cell membrane maintains an ion concentration gradient between the intracellular and extracellular spaces. This gradient creates an electrical potential difference across the membrane which is essential to cell survival. Electrical gradients are necessary to support the movement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. Therefore, the cell membrane has electrically insulating qualities of capacitance.

Electrical capacitance will increase or decrease depending on the health and the number of cells. Damage to the cell membrane and its functions is as lethal to the cell as direct damage to the nucleus itself.

Parallel Capacitance

The subject’s Parallel Capacitance, which measures the cell membrane’s health jumped to 1112 picofarads ten minutes after drinking Purity Scalarwave Structured water. This reading indicates an extremely healthy individual. As we get older these reading go down and deteriorate but the tests indicate the subject compares to a super active and healthy 8 to 10-year-old child.

Why is Parallel Capacitance important

The cell membrane functions as a permeable barrier separating the intracellular (cytoplasm) and extracellular components. The lipid membrane is transversed by proteins which are soluble in water thus making pores which water, ions and other chemicals can enter and exit the cell.