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Welcome to the Promo Center for the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit III. The summit launch date is from July 23 – August 1, 2021.  The promotion period is from July 14 – 23, 2021.

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July 23rd, Friday: Ariella Indigo

July 24th, Saturday: Rev. Tracy L Clark | Lars Rain Gustafsson

July 25th, Sunday: Lisa Barnett | Jimmy Mack

July 26th, Monday: Louise Matson | Audrey Light Language

July 27th, Tuesday: Nicolas David Ngan | Sue Dumais

July 28th, Wednesday: Meg Benedicte

July 29th Thursday: Helena Reilly

July 30th, Friday: Aurora Luna Star | Kristen Bielicki

July 31st, Saturday: Dr. Gene Ang

August 1, Sunday: David Avocado Wolfe and Veronica Parks

Ariella Indigo

Audrey Light Language

Aurora Luna Star

David Avocado Wolfe and Veronica Parks

Dr. Gene Ang

Jimmy Mack

Kristen Bielecki

Lars Rain Gustafsson

Lisa Barnett

Louise Matson

Meg Benedicte

Nicolas David Ngan

Rev Tracy L Clark

Sue Dumais

Subject: Quantum Healing Luminaries Reveal Secrets To Reset Your Future


Dear [Name],

We are in the midst of an accelerated quantum shift. 

The frequencies on earth are recalibrating, the paradigm is shifting, and we are feeling the new resonance vibrating in every cell of our bodies.  You might feel like you are living on shifting sands.

It can be exhilarating and terrifying.  But it is also an opportunity for you to learn to ride the wave and become the master of the new energy!  

You are being called to awaken your quantum potential.

Are you ready to rise up and face the new frequencies that are enveloping the planet (without negative side effects like depression, anxiety, and insomnia that affects so many!) and harness it to create a quantum healing vortex in your own home?

I believe that you are MORE than ready.

My friend and colleague Helena Reilly, co-founder of Quantum Sound Therapy, the Quantum Miracle iQube, Tesla iQube &  OmPocket has brought together 16 quantum healing intuitives, (including myself) who will open the doorway to your accelerated healing – activating health, harmony, and the potential you were BORN to step into!

It’s called the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit III and right now you can register for free here!  [Insert your unique optin-link here]

Helena asked each one of us to share the quickest, most powerful quantum hacks that we had in our toolbox so that you can spend less time listening and more time shifting into your greatest self. The shared tools are guaranteed to give you greater clarity, peace, harmony, and coherence.  Plus, every guest is gifting you with at least one simple to use meditation or activation to help you transition into this new energy! 

The planetary shift has the power to completely transform your life if you catch the wave and align with it…

If you’re in the process of re-awakening and being called to rise, you probably feel more uncertain than ever before. . And that’s a sign that you are evolving.

The discomfort you feel is a positive thing, [name]. It means that you are re-awakening! You are being called to rise out of the trance state and lead yourself and your loved ones into the Quantum Activation Field. After all, it’s been “switched on” for YOUR highest good!  

The change you seek starts at HOME and it starts with YOU.

And the best news is, shifts from the Quantum Field are INSTANT.

You can learn to access instant manifestation on demand when you understand how to move through this new energy and use it to your advantage. Sadly, most people will never use it, never access it and never experience its power. 

But YOU can! Register now and get free access right here. [Insert your unique optin-link here]

At this summit, we will be providing you with exactly what you need to elevate yourself and embrace and master the shifting tide.

I am so excited to be a part of this event. This series represents the start of a global shift that will create a more elevated future for us all! 

Join us here! [Insert your unique optin-link here] 



P.S. I’ve already spoken to Helena and I can tell you that the information being given to you during this event is unlike anything you’ve heard before. These are not just interviews, they are activation sessions. You WILL walk away changed! Click here to get registered now! [Insert your unique optin-link here]

Subject: Quantum Healing Luminaries Reveal Secrets To Reset Your Future


[Name], I am about to tell you how the planetary shift we’re experiencing can help you FINALLY step into and express the unique genius you were born for.

I’m also going to tell you how to turn your home into the power source that activates the Quantum Field for you every day, all day!

But first– I hope you’ll stop what you’re doing for just two minutes and read this entire email because it’s crucially important!

The planetary shift occurring right now includes a wave of new frequencies bathing the earth, as well as solar flares, plasmic rays, and other assaults! The intensity is building and quickening. 

Without getting too scientific, what I’ll tell you is that the planetary shift set a change in motion that will take some time for humanity to assimilate to.

But as a spiritually awakened person, you are probably feeling it faster and stronger than those around you. 

You might be feeling an odd blend of hopeful, but uneasy. Of awakening, but also discomfort and uncertainty. 

That’s why I am writing to you today. If you feel that, you are one of the guides…

Your discomfort is an urgent invitation for you to assimilate faster so that others can follow your lead! 

Right now, more than anything, the world needs people like you to understand this energy, move through it, and partner with it to come fully into your potential as a multi-dimensional being. 

The good news is you can do it from the comfort of your own home! 

My friend and colleague Helena Reilly co-founder of Quantum Sound Therapy, the Quantum Miracle iQube, Tesla iQube &  OmPocket has brought together 16 experts together and they are revealing new research that shows you how to create a portal of quantum activation that elevates you to a super-human level of peace, health, and harmony and activates the potential you were BORN to step into! 

It’s called the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit III and right now you can register for free here!  [Insert your unique optin-link here]

You can expect to:

  1. Tap into the Unique Genius you were born to bring forth
  2. Effortlessly Enhance Your Natural State of Health and Wellbeing
  3. Learn to integrate your mind, body, and soul for ultimate access to your highest intuition
  4. Learn how to translate the Languages of Light, a stunningly beautiful tool for learning to communicate with your own energy!
  5. Discover the 4 most powerful steps to FAST manifestation
  6. Unlock the key to your soul’s profile and creative activation
  7. Learn your Soul Contract Chart for the deepest understanding of your own patterns and generational ties

And so much more.

Let’s face it – most people will not know how to use this planetary shift to their advantage and for the benefit of the world, and will instead spend their days wondering why things just don’t seem to be working for them.

That’s why we need you. You already know you’re different. You already know you are meant to rise. Now you have the path to follow and finally do it!

Go here now and register for free access! [Insert your unique optin-link here] Let’s initiate this change together!



P.S. When you register, you aren’t just getting access to this ground-breaking series but also to a free gift from every single speaker. This is a package worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that you are getting at no cost because our goal with this is to give you as much as we can to change the trajectory of your life this year! Go get your all-access pass here! [Insert your unique optin-link here]

Sample Post 1

Quantum field and vibrational experts are now revealing the Codes that have dropped in from the Quantum Future!

I’m excited to share that I’m going to be speaking at Helena Reilly’s The Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit III! 

Every day you’ll get to experience a new code activation that will move you, in real-time, towards understanding, expressing, and living your unique soul genius! This is the clarity you’ve been waiting for. 

Register for free below!

[Insert your unique opt-in link here]

Sample Post 2

If you are ready to FINALLY understand why you are on this earth you don’t want to miss this!

Right now you can register for free for a series called the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit III featuring TOP experts in the quantum field revealing the latest research on Instant Manifestation and Unique Soul Genius!

Register below and you’ll receive an all-access FREE pass to 16 activation sessions and free gifts, soul charts, meditations, and much more. 

This is HUGE and IMPORTANT. We need awakening souls to LEAD the rest of the world through the planetary shift and into the field of Quantum Potential! 

Grab your spot now!  [Insert your unique opt-in link here]

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