Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit 8

Elevate Your Destiny…

Become A Quantum Creator…Not A Victim

Unleash Your Manifestation Power In The QUANTUM FIELD

Are you ready to gain immediate access to the quantum zero point field?

Join 20 awakened leaders and experts as they share their secret quantum hacks to live a fulfilling, prosperous, and peaceful life in the years ahead

GOES LIVE July 28 - Aug 7, 2022

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you are invited to the quantum home sanctuary summit season 8!

Have you been waiting for the secret hack that ignites the fire of your hidden potential, spiritual gifts & superpowers so you can live a life of alignment?

Are you ready to finally tap into the quantum zero-point field to activate your supernatural gifts & superpowers? 

Tapping into the unlimited quantum field is how you find fulfillment, joy, and prosperity!

2022 is an intense year because it’s midway between 2012 and 2032, which is when the golden age is predicted to begin. This means that there will be a lot of upheavals coming our way.

Don’t surrender to the upheavals. Choose to surrender to the quantum pivot energy and the surges of new photonic light & crystalline structures.

You can access your divine powers and use this time to make the cosmic quantum leap of the ages by consciously re-connecting to the zero-point quantum field. 

You’re here for a reason. You’re choosing to take charge of your life and make this quantum cosmic leap into being a quantum human! 

We will deliver…PRECISION QUANTUM ACTIVATIONS to access the quantum zero-point field that will effortlessly optimize your prosperity, harmony, and empathy.

Do you sometimes wish you had the power of Divine Wisdom and clarity, so you knew exactly what to do?

Here’s a secret…

You already DO!

Unleashing the quantum human within you IS your key to prosperity. 

The quantum field is where ideas and opportunities for wealth and expression are born, and you’re already connected to this field.

You’ve just got to activate your full Quantum Potential to see the bounty of prosperity that’s available to you. 


After over 6,000 years of a shutdown of our third eye, our hearts and our third eyes are being awakened into a new truth. People are finally reawakening – and it’s time for you to join them!

 20 awakened leaders and experts will be sharing their secret quantum strategies to help you live a fulfilling, prosperous, and peaceful life in the years ahead.  

you are invited to the quantum home sanctuary summit season 8!

Become A Quantum Creator...Not A Victim
Blueprint To Unleash Your Manifestation Power

Quantum Activations To Effortlessly Optimize Harmony, Empathy & Prosperity


You will receive 20 Priceless Gifts valued at $2,997. You will also receive daily soundtracks to uplift your mood, spirit, and clean your energy. These contain QUANTUM HACKS so that you may SHIFT into the Quantum Realm of Infinite Possibility.

This series will open the doorway to a treasure chest of ideas, opportunities, clarity, answers, and the roadmap to your super-powers that unlock wealth and security!

And it’s all free!

There is a vibrational reset occurring. 

We all feel it in our bones. We know it’s happening. 

Our lives (body, soul, emotions, mind) are pivoting into a new vibration that connects us with an expanded version of ourselves, helps us align with our purpose, enjoy life, and share our love with the world. 


We cannot ignore the unrest the world is facing and the news is downright depressing.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to connect to your true purpose on Earth at this time and become a change-maker instead of a passive bystander.

Reawakening the third eye is your key to alignment and powerful manifestation. 

- And we are going to show you how to do it! 

You will experience how to:

1. Connect to the quantum zero point field and find the key that will open the doorway to your gifts, supernatural abilities, talents, and manifestation power. 

All of the best and most prosperous innovations started in the Unified Field! We’re going to show you how to connect to the abundance in this field so you can see with clarity what’s available, and grab hold of the potential that’s meant for you!

2. Create harmony in your relationships and mind-blowing synchronicities

It’s tough to have great relationships when you’re not living your purpose. You feel a pervasive emptiness that, like it or not, affects how you interact with the world and the people in it. 

We’re going to show you how to reignite harmony & passion in your home, your relationships & your work!

3. Find clear inter-generational links:

You’re going to learn the explicit hacks to manifest abundance, success & harmony for yourself, your family, children, and generations to come.

So much of what challenges you are due to ancestral trauma. We are going to remove the struggle from your DNA by recalibrating your energy to the CURRENT quantum field!

4. Increase intuition, third-eye activations, and transmissions

You’re going to learn how to attune to your own intuition and discern the guidance from multiple guides, angels, and quantum field masters. This is huge!

5. Find instant guidance to help you manifest your ultimate self

Throughout these sessions, you’ll be activating the portals which guarantee direct connection with your guidance team; GUARANTEED this will change your life!

And much more…

You will receive 20 Priceless Gifts valued at $2,997. You will also receive daily soundtracks to uplift your mood, spirit, and clean your energy. These contain QUANTUM HACKS so that you may SHIFT into the Quantum Realm of Infinite Possibility.

Hidden deep inside you is the GOLD that was gifted to you by the Quantum Field at birth.

We are going to open the doorway to your quantum human evolution.

You were blessed with so many gifts from the minute you were born. Dig deep inside you and find the GOLD that was gifted to you by the quantum field at birth.

We are going to open the doorway to your quantum human evolution!

You are going to learn how to discover this gold within you, bring it to the surface, and influence your entire reality with a new level of clarity and creativity!

And all this transformation will happen from within your own home.

As we accelerate into the new paradigm, you’ll realize that home is within you. It is your inner sanctuary.

Your home can become your sacred space of magical and scientific power and alignment.  
But here’s what you must understand: You can’t do it halfway.

100% alignment is essential if you want to live a life that supports your expansion, expression, and love.

Deeply held within you are the seeds of growth and the quantum human. This doorway to the quantum field, once opened, will be a guaranteed pathway to unimaginable levels of prosperity.

We are creating this summit as a divine place of recalibration. 

Each session in the series includes at least 1-2 activations or transmissions designed to effortlessly awaken your quantum divine nature.

This allows you to access your multidimensional self and a multi-faceted timeline of expansion and expression.

Join our team of experts to experience an active quantum field that guarantees your expression as a quantum human.  

The shift is happening and your attention is required!

Here’s the best part:

You already are a quantum human. 

You were born with quantum powers. It’s time you learn how to unleash them.

And in this summit, we will be exploring why the expansion of the secret superpowers of highly sensitive people like you is the key to planetary awakening.

What is suppressed and repressed within you is the key to your prosperity.

You have gold inside of you - let us show you how to access it, channel it, and use it to live the ultimate life of your dreams.

We will give you the tools to clear the blocks, so this gold becomes your pathway to fulfillment, freedom, harmony, the law of attraction, and prosperity.

Are you ready?  

You will receive 23 Priceless Gifts valued at $2,997. You will also receive daily soundtracks to uplift your mood, spirit, and clean your energy. These contain QUANTUM HACKS son that you may SHIFT into the Quantum Realm of Infinite Possibility.

You will receive 20 Priceless Gifts valued at $2,997. You will also receive daily soundtracks to uplift your mood, spirit, and clean your energy. These contain QUANTUM HACKS so that you may SHIFT into the Quantum Realm of Infinite Possibility.

The Summit runs from July 28 - Aug 7, 2022

You will receive daily uplifting magical soundtracks and interview links.

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This is not just a summit. This is the key to the next phase of your growth and evolution! 

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Our Panel Of


About Helena Reilly, M.A.

Helena is the co-founder of Quantum Sound Therapy and the co-creator of the Quantum Sound Miracle iQube.
Helena has devoted her life to finding the hacks to establish peace, prosperity, and genius on planet Earth during times of radical change.
She is a psychologist trained by the best at the University of Chicago and the avatar immortal masters of the far east.
David Avocado Wolfe

David Wolfe

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity multiverse. His social media posts reach millions of people each week around the world with succinct, powerful, inspirational quotes, news, health information, and education.

Debrah Goetz

Debrah Goetz

​Deb Goetz is a globally celebrated medical intuitive and quantum healer. As an energetic, compassionate conduit for the Divine, Deb is also a medium, spiritual counselor and ascension teacher.

Elizabeth Wood Edited

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood is a quantum and galactic anthropologist whose psychic and healing work has helped people all over the world. She’s dedicated to creating a compassionate culture and helping humanity evolve to their highest potential.

Jana Danielson Edited

Jana Danielson

Jana Danielson is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur who through her own experience with physical pain turned her mess into her message, which has now become her mission. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Founder of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies and the Metta District.

Jasmin Manke Edited 1

Jasmin Manke

Jasmin Manke is a seven Figure Success Mentor, International Speaker, 1# best-selling author, and was awarded Forbes 30 under 30 in late 2021.

Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken,
completed, and even mastered a variety of healing modalities. After a near-death
experience, he was divinely shown and then developed a simpler way to create healing
and profound transformational changes faster now known as My Liquid Fish™ Change
made simple™.

Kristen Bielecki

Kristen Bielecki

Kristen Bielecki is a Soul Embodiment Guide, Crystalline Grid Architect, Intuitive, and Energy Healer. Through several years of conscious awakening and activations, she now facilitates transformation on all levels of one’s being to harmonize Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett is the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she specializes in teaching you to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to transform your life, working directly with your soul’s plan and support of the Akashic Record Keepers.

Lincoln Gregar

Lincoln Gregar

Lincoln Gregar is a Channel for Higher Self Consciousness. His Channel Higher Self videos have received over five million views and he has held workshops in 13 countries on five continents. His life’s work is helping people to awaken to their Higher Self state.

Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas is a sought-after epigenetics expert, speaker, author, and transformational leader who contributes to society by facilitating accelerated healing.


Lori Spagna

Lori Ann Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Spiritual Catalyst, Intuitive, Energy Healer, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Animal Communicator, Visionary, Lightworker, and Starseed who radically transformed her life after a series of near-death experiences and an abduction/induction/first contact experience while living in Maui.

Marie Diamond 1

Marie Diamond

Dame Marie Diamond – Global Transformational Leader is a motivational Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and world-renowned Feng Shui and Energy Master. Marie has been featured in the global phenomenon, The Secret.

Masami Covey

Masami Covey

Experienced Health Intuitive, somatic practitioner, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Positive Neuroplasticity Practitioner, applied linguist, and faculty member at The Shift Network.

Raquel Spencer 1

Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer is a Catalyst for becoming Your Quantum Self. She specializes in activating the dormant mind/body pathways and multidimensional cellular codes of Light which assist you with remembering your Divine Sovereign Essence and Quantum Self.

Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark is a high-performance energy coach,  the Founder and Creator of the Body Regeneration Method, and the TLC Community.

Siobhan Wilcox 1

Siobhan Wilcox

Siobhan has supported thousands around the world with her Home & Soul Evolution Sessions. Including: releasing trapped souls, clearing land curses, removing evil portals, and befriending land spirits to harmonize homes with Feng Shui!

Tarek Bibi

Tarek Bibi

Tarek Bliss Bibi, aka Mr Miraculous is an intuitive empathic healer and an inspirational spiritual rap artist.

Veronica Parks

Veronica Parks

Veronica Parks is a Master Soul Healer and Medium. She is the founder of the Angels Gate Academy, a spiritual road to Self-Mastery.

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport is a Divine Oracle and Modern mystic dedicated to being a catalyst to connecting others to their highest potential, truths, and wisdom within. Through speaking, writing, and connecting with both groups and individuals one-on-one, she has assisted many in unveiling their deeper purpose and Soul callings.

Here is a small sample of the praises they are singing:

Christi Ella Azure
Christi Ella Azure
Read More
"Dear Helena, loved the summit that you shared with all of us. Also, all the mp3 downloads that you sent out during the summit; I love all of them. I feel something with each one of them. I put the Ascension track on loop for at least an hour a day. I went to sleep with it last night and woke up happy. Thank you for sharing these gifts. I know the more that I listen to these tracks, it magnifies and intensifies the energy into the field. Blessings to you for sharing YOU with the world. "
Michelle Reinhardt
Read More
"Dearest Helena, I wanted to reach out and thank you for such a magnificent summit, it is the first of yours I have attended and I have loved every session, especially how you re-cap the speaker’s words into very clearly understandable terms. Thank you in gratitude!"
Els Debels
Els Debels
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"Hello Helena, I just discovered your Summit and I just downloaded the free Heart-Coherence therapy gift. I instantly feel my heart-chakra reacting in different ways and I immediately listened 3 times in a row. It's amazing! THANK YOU very much! I hope we lightworkers will hugely lift up the average consciousness on this planet (and beyond)!"
Leanne Edwards
Read More
“Thank you for your embodiment Helena, I am loving the caliber of guests, and resonance of your summit."
Mab Selkiesong
Read More
“Thank you for doing this. I feel it helps so many of us that lost direction and those kinds of things getting us back on track. I am grateful to have you on my path.”
Caroline Dolby
Read More
“Thanks Helena, I love the variety of speakers you have & I love your interaction.”
Caroline Dolby
Read More
“Thank you Helena, that was so beautiful to listen to & I saw a lot of green color around my heart chakra area."
Adam Cline
Read More
“Thank you and I receive this activation With thanks and Love and Joy within my all and being.”
Heather Lucas
Read More
“Thank you so much, this is so amazing and transformative!!!”
Jimmy Mack
Read More
"Helena, You're so sweet, thanks so much for the kind gift and being such a lighthouse gift to all the intuitive folks worldwide! You're a dream and so appreciated."
Lorna Warren
Read More
“Wow thank you for your beautiful blessings sharing soul sound Activation the clearing.”


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