Sound Therapy:Why is Cloud Sound Therapy So Effective

Sound Therapy:Why is Cloud Sound Therapy So Effective

Cloud Sound Therapy Is An Algorithmic Assessment of the Table Of Elements Composing Your Voice…

This is not just another woo-woo, energy healing modality based on wishful thinking and fairy dust.

Why is Cloud Sound Therapy Transformative?

Sound & Vibration are 100x more efficient than physical signals like hormones in relaying information to your body and brain.  This is the new quantum paradigm.

Bio-Physicist, Dr. Colin W.F. McClare, discovered that frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly 100 times more efficient in relaying information to your body and brain than tangible physical signals, such as hormones, vitamins, neurotransmitters, and other growth factors (Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief, 2008).

That would explain how different healing sound frequencies can impact our moods and emotions, and the moods and emotions of those around us.  T is believed that feelings of sadness, anger, fear and dread have a low frequency while feelings of love, happiness and gratitude have a high frequency.  

Using your voice as the doorway to “FIND YOUR UNIQUE FREQUENCY”, Cloud Sound Therapy is the key that opens the door to the precise sound therapy and vibrational formulas that will relay the correct vibrational information to your body, and retrain your brain.  These balancing sound therapy formulas can also be amplified through the OmPocket to enhance your results by generating an amplified scalar energy field to play your unique sound track through.

Your customized sound therapy audio track finds your stress and acts like a tuning fork to release subconscious stress at the deepest level.  This can be used 24×7.

NY Times Bestselling author, Masaru Emoto, stated on page 124 of “The True Power of Water”  If this new system becomes popular, music therapy would make a quantum leap, because the sound with the most suitable information can be delivered directly to our cells.  After listening to the sounds created by the software for 30 minutes the stiffness in my shoulders suddenly disappeared.”  

Cloud Sound Therapy Is An Algorithmic Assessment of the Table Of Elements Composing Your Voice

Transformative Sound Therapy hacks your reality, and stress patterns for the following reasons:

  1. Like the human finger print,no two human voices are identical.
  2. We are individual symphonies of sound.  The Five Octave Display demonstrates this accurately.
  3. Your Voice Code is easily measurable by our proprietary algorithm that measures 1.5 billion bits of information which detects these nuances from the frequency patterns of your voice.
  4. Your customized soundtrack acts as your tuning fork (24×7 or as much as you enjoy) to help you get back into the zone of clarity and happiness.
  5. Your voice contains the secret and is the most direct way to “pinpoint = your stress” and relieve it.

This releases the stress hidden in your subconscious blocks.  It is why transformative sound therapy can effortlessly crack the code to release the fears that hold you back from your full potential.

For more information, download the free ebook:

“What is Cloud Sound Therapy?  Find Your Frequency, Attune To Your Flow, So You Can Just Let It Go In 24 Minutes A Day.”  

The great news is that it works for humans of all ages, and even animals.  Just collect any sound emitted, whether it be a grunt, groan, sigh, meow, bark or whinney.  Yes, we are currently working with some premier veterinarians.

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About the Author:

Helena Reilly, M.A. Helena did her graduate work in Psychotherapy & Psychological Treatment at the University of Chicago. In 2015 she received the award for Best Therapist and Therapy From Who's Who Of Distinguished Alumni. Realizing the limitations of her academic training, she sought to create a modality that was more effective than talk therapy. She has worked applying Sound Therapy and Scalar Energy Technology for 25 years in her upper west side Manhattan based private practice which she left to co-create the synergistic modality now known as "Quantum Sound Therapy" with Robert Lloy in order to transform and uplift humanity efficiently. This is a voice based modality that efficiently detects deep subconscious stress and releases it. It is available in minutes online and at the Apple Play Store. The iQubes synergistically combine scalar energy tesla coils with sound therapy frequencies and voice analysis to effect permanent subconscious transformation.