The Quantum Tesla Unique Design

It’s hidden in the sacred geometry. The Quantum Tesla iQube brain training system has the power to fundamentally change your human consciousness and support healing on a planetary level.

We honor Tesla by naming this iQube after his work in the Scalar Wave Technology field.

Tesla believed there’s potential electricity all around us, due to the interactions between the sun and the earth. This scalar energy, discovered in the vacuum of space, is sometimes called “zero-point” energy.
Quantum Tesla iQube’s unique sacred geometry, combined with the amplitude of the waves created, resulted in a healing tool that is everything we hoped for and more.

We’ve made it easy to use!

- No learning-curve
- No extended time commitment
- No headphones tethering you to a device

Simply plug it in, turn it on, and go about your day.

Allowing your mind and body to benefit from the energy field around you is as equally as important as knowing that having the Tesla soundwave energy is also profoundly impacting at a planetary level.