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Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard

About Susan Kennard

Susan who is known as a Spiritual Scientist originally trained in psychology and psychotherapy over 20 years ago. In the last 12 years added many energy healing modalities to her practice. Susan has an extensive toolbox which has allowed her to create her own unique way of working. Susan has been a therapist for over 20 years and in that time has specialized in helping people to clear their trauma on all different levels.

Susan is trained in Meta Health helping people to find their own inner healer and facilitating their healing journey of the body.

Susan practices using Zoom internationally. She speaks about her work and research at conferences and events all over the UK and the world. She is a specialist in PTSD and has worked with many veterans and others who have experienced significant trauma.
Susan has a clear channel to the spirit and the higher realms making her work fast, direct, and accurate. She is a medium and channel and working with her galactic guides. She channels, tones, and speaks light language to help others heal their heart field allowing them to create and manifest more easily.

Susan in the media. Featured on British BBC2 and ITV TV, Sky and interviewed on many international tele-summits and podcasts. Susan has her own podcast called The Spiritual Awakener found on all major platforms.

Susan is passionate about helping you to remember that you are your own inner healer and that you can create a truly free and abundant life by aligning to your true mission.

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