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Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit 7

Sigrid van Heerwaarden


About Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Sigrid is a down-to-earth, high-frequency multidimensional channel and CEO of a spiritual luxury brand.

Within her highly engaged spiritual community she teaches soul purpose and divine gifts embodiment in the most enlightening and practical way. Sharing advanced multidimensional teachings and energy mastery for awakened soul-led women in her group experiences.

Expect a great variety of non-physical beings and collectives to be channeled.

Sigrid’s ability to turn spirituality into practical daily life strategies creates exceptional results for her clients in life, business, and purpose.

Sigrid is a happy wife and mother of 4 children who share life and teachings freely on Instagram & Facebook. She loves to hang out with family and friends and traveling and adventures excite her.

Unshakable Trust

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