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Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit 7

Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker

About Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker is one of the world’s leading experts on using Quantum Human Design, the power of archetypes, and personal narrative to activate peak performance potential. She’s developed a system that explores the relationship between Quantum Physics and Human Design, a cross-cultural personality assessment system that synthesizes ancient and modern archetypes, to enhance people’s creative capacity.

Karen works with C-Suite leaders, including the founder of The 80/20 Foundation, an organization that helps build creative initiatives for entrepreneurs. Karen is currently working on her Ph.D. in Integrative Health and exploring the impact of personal narrative and language on gene regulation and function. She is a multiple best-selling author and has written more than 17 books. Karen is the mother of 8 children and lives in Minneapolis with her family.

Free Quantum Human Design™ Chart

Your chart is the code for the curriculum for your Soul as it interfaces with the Cosmos to help you live a life that is an exploration and a manifestation of Life’s Intelligence – some call it Consciousness.⁠ Your chart will identify your Quantum Human Design™ Type, Authority, Profile, Channels, and more with the Traditional HD language in parentheses.