Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit 6

Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark

Pineal-Pituitary-Thymus Activation…Reviewing the Quantum Future Timeline

Rev Tracy L Clark

About Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark is a high-performance energy coach. She is the Founder and Creator of the Body Regeneration Method, and the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living. She is also the author of God Where are you? It’s Me, 31 Days of Prayer, and 31 Days of Prayer and Affirmations.

Tracy serves on a global level as a Facilitator, Soul Specialist, Teacher, International Speaker, Inspirational Leader, and Humanitarian.

With her newly released books, God Where Are You? It’s Me!, TLC 31 Days of Prayer, and 31 Days of Prayer and Affirmations, she hopes you will see the greatness within you!

Tracy has dedicated her life to serving the God of her understanding. Her mission is to serve in a way that helps show people how to transform their lives on every level and learn how to prepare for living in the new earth that is currently unfolding.

Tracy invites you to join her on this incredible journey to rediscovering the Superhuman within You!

Multi-Level Body Clean Out & Activation

The full body, clearing and activation will help to ground your system during this unsettling time. It will clean out the organs, so you can dissolve old patterns and connect stronger to your guides and your intuition.
Your body is the conduit while on earth, between spirit and Mother Earth, and does require a great cleanout to keep shifting to the new frequencies. Please do not listen to this clearing while you are driving. Just relax and let go!