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Louise Matson

Louise Matson

About Louise Matson

Louise is an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, shamanic practitioner, catalyst for transformational shifts, way-shower, and a spiritual mentor and guide. Louise channels Source Energy sharing the messages through her ‘Source Speaks’ blog posts, channeled healing journeys, and healing work. Her work includes 1:1 sessions with clients assisting them on their journeys of empowerment and spiritual growth, group work, and creating and hosting the Mundane to Magical online series assisting people all over the world to come together as a high vibrational community supporting each other’s ascension process.

Louise’s soul purpose and mission are to guide and assist people along their path from dis-empowerment to ‘Standing in their Sovereignty’ and radiating their light openly to the world. As well as empower people to understand who they truly are as Sovereign Creator Beings and realign to their life purpose and true potential.

Realign to Your True Potential

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