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Dr. Gene Ang

Dr. Gene Ang

Dr. Gene Ang

Activating the Gateway to Pineal/Pituitary Pharmacopeia to Consciously Access the Bliss of the Quantum Vortex… Integrate, Activate, Unpack Now

Dr. Gene Ang

About Dr. Gene Ang

Gene Ang, Ph.D. has a healing practice based in Thousand Oaks, CA, and sees clients for a number of energy healing and shamanic healing practices. Gene is an excellent example of becoming the Quantum Human. He teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality, and healing. Gene travels both in the United States and internationally, facilitating healing sessions and workshops, particularly around the Arcturian Healing Method, a modality he created as a synthesis of his studies in healing.

Gene received his BA from Stanford in Human Biology and Philosophy/Religious Studies and was formally trained as a Neurobiologist at Yale where he earned his doctorate in basic mechanisms of how the brain develops followed by a post-doctoral fellowship on how ultrasound can affect the developing cerebral cortex.

After his post-doctoral fellowship, Gene decided to step into the role of a facilitator of healing in order to directly interact with helping people.

Most of his work centers around the use of subtle energy to help align the subtle energy body, its channels, meridians, and energy centers to help restore balance and harmony so that healing can occur whether it be physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual.

Gene doesn’t see himself as the healer, but simply as part of the interconnectedness that occurs when the facilitator, client, and Source/Love/God interact to bring healing forth. He sees his teaching engagements and seminars as an extension of this interaction that occurs on multiple dimensions to bring wholeness, understanding, and evolution to all involved.

InterGalactics Endocrine Healing mp3: Nature’s Inner Pharmacopeia

In this healing session, we work with the consciousness and healing energies of the Intergalactics to revitalize the endocrine system, hormones, and glands in our body. Known as our inner pharmacopeia, the endocrine organs and hormones released by these glands are vital for our overall health and vitality. This recording is a 50-minute healing session using all the downloaded Intergalactic Healing energies from all four levels to balance, heal, and revitalize the endocrine system. We systematically go through the following endocrine glands:


We will also balance all seven subtle body layers (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine) as they relate to the endocrine system.