Tonya Blakely

Tonya Blakley

The Secret Karma Hack To Accelerate Your Evolution…Your Karma Can Contain You Or Make You
Tonya Blakely

About Tonya Blakley

Tonya Blakley is a Manifestation & Mindset Coach and Feng Shui Expert, who does more than talk people through their problems and decorate their homes. With more than eight years of coaching experience, she is obsessed with finding innovative new ways to help her clients work with energy, remove the limiting beliefs that hold them back and access infinite possibilities in ways that are exceedingly useful, effective, and easy to implement. No matter what she is doing, her goal is simple – to help women rewrite their stories, claim their power and fearlessly go after their dreams so they can get exactly what they want from life.

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Paying Off Your Karmic Debt

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