Rev Tracy L Clark

About Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark is a high-performance energy coach. The Founder and Creator of the Body Regeneration Method, and the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living.

She is the author of God Where are you? It’s Me, and 31 Days of Prayer.  

Rev Tracy L is the host of the Tracy L Clark show as featured on Transformation Talk Radio.

She serves on a Global level as a Facilitator, Soul Specialist, Teacher, International Speaker, Inspirational Leader, and Humanitarian.

With her newly released books, God Where Are You? It’s Me! and TLC 31 Days of Prayer she hopes you will see the greatness within you!

Tracy has dedicated her life to serving the God of her understanding.  Her mission is to serve in a way that helps show people how to transform their lives on every level and learn how to prepare for living in the new earth that is currently unfolding. 

Tracy invites you to join her on this incredible journey to rediscovering the Superhuman Within You!

Free Gift:

Heart Reset Tool

This simple tool was shown to be by The Hand of God after working with one of my groups. A tool that allows you to get a few minutes of a breather in the field when you feel stressed or anxious. It disconnects you from the mental space and reset into the heart space. I use this simple tool with my clients. What I noticed is they were reporting back how they were able to focus better, felt more in alignment with spirit and anxious feelings went away.  I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else. Thank you, God…