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Dr. Paul Luftenegger

Vibrational Medicine Music…The Most Powerful Awakening Tool To Access Quantum Dimensions
Paul Luftenegger

About Dr. Paul Luftenegger

Rev. Dr. Paul Luftenegger is a Conscious Singer/Songwriter/Composer – An Interfaith Minister, Ascension Guide, Medium, and Sound Healer with a Doctorate of Ministry Degree – Paul is a Louise Hay Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher always inspiring and promoting global love and kindness from within supporting the Sacred Heart and The Eternal Holy Soul with Source.  Paul’s focus is growing and nurturing “self-worth” and “self-love” within the listener.  Paul is a leader in his new genre of music he calls ‘Conscious Healing Music’ to empower the listener’s heart and soul to thrive with divine love frequencies clearing blocks. Paul is in the process of releasing his 8th Ascension Album titled “SPHERES OF LOVE”  funded by his worldwide fans to support the heart and soul during these auspicious times of 2020/2021/2022. This new body of work is already receiving incredible support from around the world from thought leaders such as Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Paul’s 8 conscious albums and contributions to humanity are recognized globally.   

Free Gift:


The Most Famous Powerful Song I’ve Written Is “My Heart” Which Will Help You Connect & Tap Into Your Divine Holy Love Frequencies To Empower Your Pure Heart & Pure Soul Essence!

Everything Is Energy.  Everything Is a Vibration & Frequency Including Your Thoughts, The Words You Use When You Speak, and The Pure Essence of Your Heart & Soul. 

My Free Gift To You Is an MP3 Digital Download Recording of My Quantum Heart Love Song “My Heart” To Help You Tap Into The Pure Divine Love Codes That Dwell Within Your Incredible Miraculous Sacred Heart. 



Find a super comfortable space with earbuds or headphones (if possible but not necessary).  Take some deep calming cleansing breaths and bring your attention to your heart.  When you are calm and relaxed press play on your music listening device and close your eyes and let “my heart” as a song take you on a journey within. 

This Song Was Used To Honour The Amazing Late Great Louise Hay at Her 90th Birthday Celebration and Lifetime Legacy Party Before She Transitioned. Louise Hay Sold Over 55 Million Copies of Her Famous Book “You Can Heal Your Life” And This Song Had 2000 Live Audience Attendees That Day Place Their Precious POWERFUL Hands On Their Hearts and Breath In The Divine Space and Frequencies of Pure Self Love United Together.  This Song Has Been Infused With Divine Self Love Over The Years and The Frequency of It Get’s Stronger Every Single Time Someone Uses It To Love Themselves.  It Is Coded To Support Self Love.

This Song Is Used In Schools, Hospitals, Hospices, Women’s Shelters, Healing Centres, Celebration of Life Events Etc. All Around The World – It Is a Sacred Tool To Help Lift The Vibration of Self Worth From The Inside Out of The Listener’s Heart With The Power of One’s Own Free Will and Sovereignty United With The Universe and With The Beloved/Source.