Dr. Monique Hunt

About Dr. MoNique Hunt

During a life-altering visit to the plantation where her great-great-grandmother was enslaved, Dr. MoNique, the Ancestor Griot, experienced a visit from her Ancestors. She knew that she would be sharing messages of healing, hope, and wisdom from the Ancestors from that day forward. 

Dr. MoNique, the creator of Ancestral StoryClearing, helps spiritually rooted leaders, healers, and entrepreneurs claim their ancestral blessings and realign with their Souls’ Purpose to have abundant resources to heal generational wounds and leave their legacy in the world. 

Dr. MoNique’s devotion to the Ancestors comes from her training with her Ancestors both in physical and spirit form, her doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, mentoring from spiritual teachers worldwide, and two decades of implementing the teachings of Ancestor reverence in her life.

Free Gift:

Amplify Abundance – Heal Ancestral Scarcity Wounds and Increase Abundance

Connect with past generations-your Ancestors, for wisdom, guidance, and support.

The baggage you carry full of family burdens, cultural trauma, and the “stuff” you can’t seem to shake isn’t yours. You may have tried mindset work, the Law of Attraction, therapy, or even wishing the wounds away, but the feeling just hasn’t gone away. Someone started packing those bags long before you, centuries ago.  The baggage has been passed from generation to generation, and it has now landed on your shoulders.  And those bags are now so heavy they prevent you from leading, living, and feeling free.

The good news is, you can learn skills that will help you release cultural and generational baggage, break family patterns and claim your inherited blessings for yourself and future generations.

You can enroll in this FREE workshop to begin healing Poverty Karmic Stories in your family lineage NOW.  You will receive immediate access!

In this workshop, we will:

  • Discover the Karmic Stories Blocking Your Abundance!
  • Experience a Poverty Healing Meditation that guides you to your Ancestors of Abundance.
  • Rituals and Ceremony You Can Use to Heal Poverty Wounds
  • Hear Channeled Messages from the Ancestors. Participants from the live class were selected to participate in the Wisdom Seat to receive channeled messages from their Ancestors. The healing messages and spiritual practices will benefit all listeners.