Masami Covey

About Masami Covey

Masami is a bridge-builder between spirit and science, intuition and physiology, and reveals the interconnections of body, mind, and spirit.  As a Health Intuitive grounded in functional nutrition, somatic intelligence, and pranayama, her work is centered on cultivating innate healing power and exploring the root causes of imbalances, rather than focusing on diagnoses and labels. Her Intuitive insights, East-meets-West approach, and laser-pointed guidance offer a dynamic framework for connecting our subtle “body language” with anatomy, emotion, essential nutrients, movements, and foundational lifestyle practices.

Free Gift:

Breathing with Your Hands

Your hands are powerful tools in your own healing.  They can also activate your awareness of your body, especially when they work together with the breath.  As an extension of your energy field, your hands not only help express who you are in the world, but also communicate with your inner environment and emotions, and reflect the quality of your breath.  Through this meditation, you will experience the profound connection between your hands, your breathing patterns, and your body’s subtle energies.