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Madeleine Wyke Silva

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About Madeleine Wyke Silva

As a rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom, and writer with big dreams Madeleine Wyke Silva – the business architect and creator of the 7-figure freedom method – knows what it’s like to have a vision and struggle with the execution. 

Picture this: a small-town girl from Sweden at age nineteen moving to a foreign country ten-thousand miles from home with a dream of building a life out of two tiny suitcases.

That same girl spent years hustling to high 6-figures and discovered the never-ending loop of stress, exhaustion, and endless tasks. Knowing there had to be a better way, Madeleine, at the age of 44, decided to sell everything and start over. That single decision led her to the 7-figure freedom she’s enjoying today. 

Madeleine is on a mission to usher in the new leaders of the world, the ones that are here to truly create transformation and pave the way for humanity to level up. 

Madeleine and her team partner with visionary leaders, change-makers, and rebel entrepreneurs to align the mundane, day-to-day business structure with your spiritual, vision so that together we can accelerate your growth, impact, and income with a whole lot more ease and grace than you may have thought possible.

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