Jimmy Mack

About Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack is an intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken and mastered a number of healing modalities but after an near death experience (NDE), he was gifted with a new found technique that can create profound changes now known as My Liquid Fish (MLF), Change made simple. Meet him at https://www.jimmymackhealing.com/

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The My Liquid Fish™ Online Starter Kit (valued at $80)

Learning this divinely-given, fast-and-easy technique and integrating it into your existing clearing/releasing routine or healing practice can profoundly increase the positive results you will achieve as a change seeker, spiritual intuitive, or healing practitioner. MLF reverses and clears belief patterns AND you can actually SEE and FEEL the changes on the spot using applied kinesiology. Your kit includes special audio, video, and written instructions for learning and using the MLF symbol directly from Jimmy.