Alida Birch

Alida Birch

A Shamanic Journey To Manifest Soul Purpose…Dismember The Old & Remember The New…From Grief To Joy
Alida Birch

About Alida Birch

Alida Birch is the author of the book The Co-Creation Handbook, a Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life. She is a former mechanical engineer, social worker, and manufacturing manager. She’s been practicing and teaching shamanism for 30 years both nationally and internationally and now online.

Alida lives in Eugene Oregon with her husband Reid, 2 Siberian cats, a parliament of owls, a conspiracy of gray foxes, and a charm of hummingbirds. Alida focuses on what we can do to open ourselves to working with wise loving spirit allies, take back our personal power, and create a world that is nourishing and sustainable for all of life. 

We are far more powerful than we have been led to believe. 

So how can we step outside of time & space, tap into this power and use it well to make a difference in our world?

Free Gift:


Discover foundational shamanic practices to connect you to the Land, Ancestors, and the Faery Folk.  A Four-week Video Course

Tapping into these three lineages gives you a solid basis for understanding the depth and breadth of Celtic Mysticism.

During this time when we are faced with our disconnection from all that is Nature, this workshop serves to bring you back to being native in your place.

It’s time to re-discover your ancestral roots, meet the Fae in their homes, and connect deeply with the land.

What would be possible if you could maintain the right relationship with Nature and create a sustained supportive relationship with those loving and wise spirit guides the shamans know how to tap into?

What would happen if you were able to bridge your ordinary reality with the Faery world of Ever-Becoming?

You would discover that our Natural World is full of spirits and their wisdom & friendship is accessible to you.

You would understand the power & grace of being native in your place.