Rev Tracy L Clark

Predictions of the Upcoming Winter Season…Humanity’s Great Cosmic Wake-Up Call

About Rev Tracy L Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark is a high-performance Energy Coach and the Founder and Creator of the Body Regeneration Method and the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living.

She is the author of God Where are you? It’s Me, and 31 Days of Prayer.

Rev Tracy L is the host of the Tracy L Clark show as featured on Transformation Talk Radio.

She serves on a Global level as a Facilitator, Soul Specialist, Teacher, International Speaker, Inspirational Leader, and Humanitarian.

With her newly released books, God Where Are You? It’s Me! and TLC 31 Days of Prayer she hopes you will see the greatness within you!

Tracy has dedicated her life to serving the God of her understanding. Her mission is to serve in a way that helps show people how to transform their lives on every level and learn how to prepare for living in the new earth that is currently unfolding.

Tracy invites you to join her on this incredible journey to rediscovering the Superhuman Within You!

Free Gift:

Prayer to Reclaim My Sovereignty & Birthright

I plant my feet on the earth, grounding into the harmony and balance provided by Mother Earth.
I am grateful to the Hand of God for guiding me to where the Divine Light shines
so that I remember,
I remember who I am in my light body, and I consent to be this powerful being
I remember my soul and spirit, which now awaken to fullness
I command to reclaim my sovereignty and my birthright now
I command to reclaim my sovereignty and my birthright now
I commend to reclaim my sovereignty and birthright now
For I am a child of God, I am a child of God, I am a child of God.
No other has dominion over me, nor authority over my soul and spirit,
As I place my hand on my heart, I ask God to open it to fully remembering who I am, in body, soul, and spirit,
I now request a sign from you, God, a miracle, and a blessing that celebrate who I really am.
I step more powerfully into my sovereignty now and I fully awaken to my birthright now
I denounce, rescind, recant and remove all enemy voices, words, thoughts, and actions that I have permitted into my being,
From this day forth, none of these have dominion or right over me
No other person, institution, place, or thing is allowed to take ownership over me, and I denounce any attempts to usurp me now.
Let me repeat, let me shout this with every fiber of my being,
I am a child of God,
God whispers His words into my heart each and every day, I listen and I embrace the Divine fully in every cell and fiber of my being because I am a child of the Divine.
And so it is.
Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.

Affirmation: I celebrate myself. I step into who I am meant to be, a gift to the world.