Renee & Anthony Blodgett

Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone

Surrendering to Intuitive Guidance From the Masters of Soul & Love: A Channelled Session
Renee & Anthony Blodgett

About Renee and Anthony 


Modern mystics, channelers, and healers, Renee and Anthony are the voices behind Blue Soul Earth® which is focused on igniting global consciousness by bridging the worlds of science and spirituality. 

They ignite the human potential and help others transform from within by tapping into their own innate wisdom, so the answers to the questions of “Why am I here? And, how do I step into my life purpose to live a more joyful life?” come with both ease and grace. The teachings focus on Universal Consciousness, Heart-Centered Living, and our Human Existence. 

Combining their intuitive gifts, they tap into the hidden and inner worlds that shamans, sages, and spiritual masters speak of and where transformational healing takes place. They channel the Ascended Masters, a collective of non-physical beings from higher realms of consciousness as well as other ‘energies’ such as Melchizedek, Metatron, the Angelic and Seraphim realms, Magdalene, Yeshua, and others. Sessions include metaphysical wisdom from the Guides and the Akashic Records, remote viewing, and quantum healing of the energy body. Additionally, they are both Usui Reiki and Holy Fire Masters and certified in Pythagorean, Edgar Cayce, and Platonic energy healing.

Through their Study with Spirit® courses and Blue Soul MASTERS™ advanced program, their intention is to help others reach an expanded level of consciousness and to become their own Ascended Master. From this place of alignment, not only can people step into their own untapped potential and power, but accelerate their abilities to heal themselves and others. 

Renee & Anthony also lead Blue Soul Travel™ retreats to sacred destinations around the world and Dining with Spirit® experiences for those with a passion for both spirituality and food. Visit

About Renee

As founder of Magic Sauce Media™, Renee spent more than two decades in branding, journalism, and technology where she helped dozens of brands, artists, and entrepreneurs align with their vision and find their voice. She has appeared on and in Good Morning America, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR, and countless others. Having traveled to over 90 countries and lived in 11, Renee integrates a myriad of mind/body methods into their work, including sound healing, naturopathy, and embodiment – she is also a certified Femme! Instructor through the Emotional Institute. She has published six travel photography books & is the founder of the award-winning online platform We Blog the World™ which is focused on Transformative Travel and has more than a half-million reach globally.

About Anthony

As founder of Speech Synergy™, Anthony has served as a bi-lingual speech and language pathologist and therapist, who has helped under-served populations and schools for over two decades. Forever passionate about linguistics, history, and culture, he speaks five languages. Anthony is a long-time Vinyasa yogi, has a number of Martial Arts accreditations, and specializes in Kung Fu and Chinese Kempo. He is also a Sifu in Dan Black Belt Chinese Kempo, has a Black Sash in Shippalgi Korean Kung Fu, is a Master of Iron Palm Training, as well as a Specialist in Combat Sports, Physical Fitness and “Prana Yama” The Art of Breath Control”. Like his twin flame, he is passionate about helping others awake and step into their Soul’s Purpose without structured belief systems and dogma.

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