Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady

Quantum Hacks to Cut Through THE Core Wounds of Your Ancestral DNA & Free You From Anxiety & Uncertainty…to Effortlessly Line You Up With Your New Future Time Line
Mas Sajady

About Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady has become the foremost expert in the field of Human Potential Sciences.

He is the CEO & Founder of Xponential Intelligence (XI).

XI is the physics of spacetime; a groundbreaking technology that uses timeless frequencies to rewire the genome. XI has been shown to repair all aspects of life problems and then unlock the human potential to achieve limitless possibilities.

XI combined with Mas’s unprecedented abilities and knowledge stemming from two near deaths has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands throughout the world in record time.

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Mas on Sunday – Free Livestream on YouTube

Mas Sajady breaks the code to life’s most perplexing questions and provides simple yet profound answers to help massively change the course of humanity including your own. These are not feel-good answers or recycled solutions from the past, but timeless knowledge sourced from a realm of higher consciousness accessed after his 2nd near-death experience.

On the last Sunday of every month following the deep dive meditation, Mas will give two free in-depth, personal scans, delving deeper into individual blocks and allowing others to experience the benefits of this extraordinary work.

Participants will be pre-selected monthly and contacted the week prior with connection details.

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