Marin Bach-Antonson

About Marin Bach-Antonson

Marin is a quantum healer, a mystic, and Magdalene Rose Priestess with over 20 years of experience working in the realms of the Divine Feminine. She is the founder of the Priestess Rising Mystery School and Rose Priestess Mastery Path. She guides women to awaken their womb wisdom, activate their priestess codes, and embody their 5th Dimensional Feminine Archetypes.

Free Gift:

Discover your 5D Divine Feminine Archetype 

Your 5D Feminine Archetypes are a map for fully embodying your most luminous, whole, holy self. They hold important clues about your sacred work and your soul’s purpose.

In this free video gift, Marin takes you through a process of discovering your 5th-dimensional archetypal blueprint, which is your key to understand why you are here, how you serve and what hidden gifts you carry.