Lou Reed

Louis Reed

Ancestral Energy Healing: Your Hack to Align with Your Cosmic Support Team
Lou Reed

About Louis Reed

Louis Reed, Energy Shaman

Founder – Energy Medicine Institute & Tribal News TV

Creator of – Energy Psychology, Soul Psychology, Epigenetics’ Psychology

Lou holds a powerful connection to the quantum field. She offers training that allows you to return to a deep soulful connection with all aspects of Self. Mind. Body. Soul Coherence, aligning your energy bodies with the unique story of YOU, your living masterpiece. 

Your life is your Art! Nothing will satisfy you more than creating your world from the song of your heartbeat, your soul is longing to be a change agent, a thought leader for Mother Earth.

We only use such a small portion of the human potential. When we cultivate the power of Coherence we live through a higher level of consciousness. This is where our life force can guide us to step out as a leader and guide our beloveds to bring not just ourselves and our planet back into alignment.

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EMI Energy Challenge
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Learn how to move blocks bringing your health, love, clarity, purpose, and money into Coherence. Our Energy Challenge is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychology, exploring the six main elements of your energy system and how to activate them so that we can move through life in flow.