Lars Rain Gustafsson

The Bliss Wheel: Simple Hacks to Find Peace Through Detachment & Decoding

About Lars Rain Gustafsson

Lars Rain Gustafsson, the founder of the BodyMind Institute (established in 2009) and UEXL Institute (established in 2017), is a passionate purveyor and developer of advanced health, life, business, and personal development education. With momentum, community, networking, and education systems in place, Lars now has his sights set on supporting and creating a worldwide revolution in online education.

Free Gift:


Use this interactive guided detachment meditation with Lars Rain Gustafsson as a starting point for making the detachment ritual a part of your life.

What’s included?
1) The Detachment Meditation (18 Minute Audio available for immediate download)
2) 35 Minute Detachment Webinar with Lars unpacking what detachment is and the results you will experience in every area of your life; relationships, health, love, spiritually, and peak performance
3) Ongoing hints and tips for continuing your Detachment journey