Kimberly Sherry

Kimberly Sherry

The Ultimate Healing PEACE & GROUNDING HACK
Off the Charts: Cult to Quantum Ascension Frequency Master
Kimberly Sherry

About Kimberly Sherry

Kimberly is the healer’s healer. She has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe over the past 40+ years breakthrough life challenges and limiting beliefs to create greater financial success, more loving relationships, and improved health and wellness. Her work in the area of human consciousness and awareness is astounding and next level.

In September 2015, Kimberly broke through The Hawkins’ scale of human consciousness after 25 ayahuasca journeys over five years working with shamans deep in the Amazon jungles of Peru.

Having overcome the trauma of sexual abuse as a young child, life in a religious cult from birth until age 38 and suicidal, and an abusive marriage, Kimberly knew the system she discovered was not intended just for her. It was meant to be shared with the world.

The Infinity System reveals what infinite possibilities are available when you access hidden powers to heal yourself using your infinite intelligence. Kimberly stands on the shoulders of Dr. David Hawkins’ to bring an updated version of the scale of human consciousness which now goes to infinity. Infinite possibilities are now accessible to all.

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