Karen Curry Parker

About Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker is a Human Design expert who developed a system to help explore the relationship between Quantum Physics and Human Design. She is the creator of Quantum Conversations, a successful podcast with over 70,000 downloads in less than 12 months, and two systems of Human Design: Quantum Human Design™ and the Quantum Alignment System™. Multiple news outlets, radio shows, and telesummits have featured her work on their programs.

Karen is also the author of numerous bestselling books, all designed to help you create the life you were designed to live, and find and embrace the purpose of your existence.

Free Gift:

Quantum Human Design™ Chart

Your chart is the code for the curriculum for your Soul as it interfaces with the Cosmos to help you live a life that is an exploration and a manifestation of Life’s Intelligence – some call it Consciousness.⁠ Your chart will identify your Quantum Human Design™ Type, Authority, Profile, Channels, and more with the Traditional HD language.