Sigrid van Heerwaarden


Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Accessing Direct Guidance TO THRIVE IN YOUR UNIQUE SOUL SIGNATURE & Land In FLOW STATE During The Paradigm Shift Of The Ages

About Sigrid Van Heerwaarden

Sigrid van Heerwaarden is a well-known, down-to-earth, high-vibrational intuitive, and accurate channel.
As a spiritual teacher, she has worked with thousands of awakened leaders all over the world, teaching them how to embody their soul’s potential and unique divine gifts. Initiating advanced co-creation with their spirit guides, soul, and personality within a powerful, uplifting community.

People love her fun-loving and sparkling personality – combined with her ability to turn spirituality into practical daily life strategies and tools.
Sigrid excels in teaching next-level Soul Embodiment and Soul Mastery to the advanced awakened.

Her clients create exceptional real-life results in their relationships, purpose & impact, body & health, business & income – combined with impressive shifts in self-love, joy, freedom, fulfillment, trust, and ease.
Sigrid runs multiple highly interactive LIVE Soul Embodiment group experiences – build on co-creation.

You can connect daily with her on Facebook, where she hosts a LIVE highly inspirational channeling show.

Sigrid lives a happy life in the Netherlands with her soulmate and 4 children.

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