Rev Tracy L Clark


Rev Tracy L Clark

The Roller Coaster Ride….


About Rev Tracy Clark

Rev Tracy L Clark is A High Impact Energy Coach. She helps you connect to your body and spirit so you can take charge quickly to find the blocks holding you back and move forward in all areas of your life!

Tracy came into this world sick and riddled with physical ailments. She was born with her legs and hips disconnected, pectus evectum, her stomach valve closed shut, and a damaged nervous system that caused excruciating pain. Throughout her life, she experienced three near-death experiences. Sickness, illness, and disease were a part of her everyday life since birth. At the age of five, Tracy was kidnapped, this extremely traumatic experience began to open her gifts. 18 years ago Tracy made the decision to leave a marriage that no longer served her with her two little girls in tow, At this time Tracy was told her body was shutting down again. This was her wake-up call, it was time to wake up or check out for good.

Tracy embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. She quickly learned that all of the sickness, disease and suffering she was experiencing was linked to all areas of her life. She began to learn the secrets that allowed her to transform her body, She miraculously transformed all of her issues, despite being told by all Experts and Specialists that it was impossible. Tracy had done the “impossible”. her life, once full of suffering, pain, and illness transformed into a life full of peace, joy, happiness, wellness, and prosperity.

Tracy started the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living and In just a few short years she has helped people around the world to transform their life, awaken to their gifts, connect to the God of their understanding, and begin to live the life of their dreams. Recently ordained as a non-denominational Reverend it is with great excitement that through the ministry Tracy will be able to break down the walls of separation and create a safe place to connect to the God of your understanding, be uplifted, heal and grow.

With her newly released book “God Where Are You? It’s Me!” she hopes you’ll see the greatness within you! Tracy dedicates this to your journey, as a reminder that you are a child of God and you are here for greatness. Trust, know, believe you have a divine mission and purpose. Once you fully believe it, God will open doors you never could have imagined possible!

Tracy has dedicated her life to serving God and what is called of her and to serve the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living The Body Regeneration Method and to help you see the greatness within. Tracy invites you to join her on this incredible journey to rediscovering the Superhuman Within You!

Gift 1

The one simple tool is one of my fav tools. It helps you to recenter and ground instantly out of the head and into the heart while removing programming from your heart and your head that are creating stress or conflict.

Gift 2

Soul Sunday With Rev. Tracy L Shifting and Sifting in the Quantum field and releasing all that no longer serves you.