Audrey Light Language


Audrey Light Language

VERY POWERFUL QUANTUM Light & Mathematical Formulas To Clear The Akashic Records & Transmute Ancestral Codes

About Audrey Light Language

Audrey Light Language works with energy through sound for healing using her voice. She speaks the languages of light. Audrey also uses the language of creation which is a number language. Through the numbers, she brings through codes which hold energy. That energy helps heal release and upgrade one’s energy frequency to be open to new potentials available at those higher octaves of creation. The numbers work as well as affecting your many bodies etheric, emotional, mental and physical also provides one with a list of numbers to work with themselves as a powerful tool to access the energy the codes hold to apply in their own lives and spaces. Just having the codes in your home or your field helps to emanate out the energy and emits a higher frequency in any space they are placed. 

Audrey has clients around the world and has appeared many times through the years at the New Life Expo in NYC doing her own workshops and talks as well as on panels with many other world-renowned healers. She has appeared on many shows sharing her works with people around the world. 

Her work is cutting edge as she works on the quantum level thusly quick and efficient also able to access the multidimensional realms of creation for a depth of healing. What before might have taken years can be accomplished in a session. All of her work has come through to Audrey spontaneously through an evolution of her work as it was time for it to be shared with Humanity and the world.


Audrey’s Free Gift

Audrey will be sharing some light language and number work as a free gift for the listeners to receive on the show