Anyaa Lightheart


Anyaa Lightheart

Are You Embodying Your Quantum Self? Can You Believe We Are Human?” What part of your humanity are you resisting? Becoming An Embodied Conscious Creator?”
In this unique interview, Anyaa shares her insight into this quantum shift and the integration of your quantum self.

About Anyaa Light Heart
Anyaa is a Consciousness Mentor & Cosmic Channel with over 15 years of experience in the field of Crystalline DNA, human potential, and spiritual evolution.

Anyaa’s purpose in life is to be a role model for what it’s like to Embody the Divine and live a life led by joy and Source.

She specializes in activating the dormant Crystalline DNA to help you remember how to embody Source energy (5D + beyond) within your physical reality (3D + 4D) to raise your own consciousness as well as humanity’s.

She is the creator and founder of the Lightheart Method where she holds sacred space for others as they discover, activate, and embody their purpose, abundance, and joy through healing work and sound therapy.

Anyaa’s greatest joy in life is to see others embody their divinity and become their highest potential.

We already have so much polarization duality. It is not your responsibility It is not your human self; it is your embodied self that is your What part of my quantum human self am I resisting?

A free guided meditation and healing session to connect with the infinite intelligence that is Source within. Release the fears and learn how to access guidance about what step to take next in your journey to freedom, abundance, and joy.