Quality sleep is one of the most crucial areas for brain health, happiness, and positive well-being. This Deep Sleep program is a long Delta and Theta frequency cycle designed to keep you in mini-hibernation period of deep sleep and recovery. The EMF, clearing, and Wellness frequencies are included.

Sleep impacts most areas of our life, and some of the most important reasons for needing deeper sleep include:

♫ -Increase Your Concentration & Productivity

♫ -Feel Great and Up Your Happiness Quotient

♫ -Easier Weight Control & Hunger Management

♫ -Better Athletic Performance, Vigor & Energy

♫ -Enhanced Physical Recovery & Your Immune System

This program is so important and popular, that it was included in all iQube and Om Pocket sales since 2018. This is specifically a long cycle of about 2.5 hours that is designed to be played on repeat. This is different than the PM folder on your Om Pocket or iQube. Please contact us if you have any questions.

***DO NOT USE DURING THE DAY OR WHILE OPERATING A VEHICLE OR MACHINERY. Most of us have no idea how sleep-deprived we are.  During your initial use, you will want to wake up about 20 minutes earlier than normal to switch the program over and fully wake up.