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If You Are Seeking…

An Online Alternative to Expensive Therapy & Endless Self Help Seminars…
Look No Further

After 40 years of groundbreaking research and development, Quantum Sound Therapy has created a new Paradigm Science that synergizes Sound Therapy (Cloud Sound Therapy) and Scalar Energy Instruments (iQubes) to uplift your mind, mood and environment.


“Quantum Sound Miracle iQube”

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Our Formula

It took 40 years of research and development to transform you effortlessly.
Sound therapy + tesla coil scalar energy = quantum transformation

This new science of scalar-sound synergizes sound therapy and scalar energy to raise your frequency and elevate your emotional well-being.


Release Stress And Balance Your Energy

Online Cloud Sound Therapy Creates A Soundtrack That Releases Your Deepest Stress

Cloud Sound Therapy: Award Winning Voice Mapping & Analysis

Your voice is the key that unlocks the doorway to your transformation. our award winning voice analysis algorithm maps 5 octaves of your voice to determine the frequencies that you need to shift your vibration now. (Available online now)

Transformative Tesla Coil Scalar-Sound Science Simplified = Scalar Energy iQubes

Simple plug & play tesla coil scalar-sound technology (iqubes & on the go quantum ompocket) generate a perpetual zero point field that bathes you in elevated frequencies 24×7 for effortless transformation.

Quantum Transformation=Shift, Transform, Evolve Effortlessly

This breakthrough scalar-sound science creates a field that shifts your vibration (24×7) allowing you to get back in the zone of joy. you just press play & go about your life. Fulfilling tesla’s vision to create fields of perpetual evolution.

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Biophysicist Dr. Colin W. F. McClare discovered that, unlike tangible, physical signals, frequencies and vibrations are much more effective in relaying information to both the brain and body. This explains the positive impact healing sound frequencies have on our moods and emotions.

The Mathematics of Your 5 Octave Voice Sample

“Mathematics is the universal language. The composition of the earth and the human body is the Table of Elements. We analyze one billion bits of information from your voice to determine the elements in your voice that are weak and stressed. We then are able to harmonically balance these with frequency.”

The Quantum Tesla Unique Design

It’s hidden in the sacred geometry. The Quantum Tesla iQube brain training system has the power to fundamentally change your human consciousness and support healing on a planetary level.

Shift Your Frequency To Transform Your Life NOW!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. – Nikola Tesla”

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