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The sacred geometry of the Quantum Harmony iQube helps you remain calm and centered at the push of a button. The unique sacred geometry is designed by our scalar wave architects to awaken your brilliance while transforming the resonance of your environment while you work, play, sleep or create. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything just have it running in your home or business environment 24×7.

The Sacred Geometry of the Quantum Harmony iQube is designed to bring inner peace and enlightenment to your environment 24×7. The triple nested Scalar wave amplified by perfect sacred geometry changes your frequency and your reality while releasing stress of all kinds

It took our team of experts a lifetime to create the scalar wave vortex technology that will unlock the secrets to your highest potential and transform your environment into a quantum coherent field of healing energy. This revolutionary technology is a plug & play quantum field scalar wave solution that can be used in your home, at your office or any space where you could benefit from increased harmony and balance.

The Sacred Geometry of the Quantum Harmony iQube changes your frequency and the frequency of your environment. This results in a change in your reality.

The scientifically proven way to chill out is meditation. The simple way to do this is to entrain with sacred geometry coherent fields of energy that broadcast alpha, theta and gamma brain waves 24×7. This is the effortless way to go into meditative brain states.

To truly feel at peace with ourselves, we need to make a shift inside. Harmony and balance are part of our natural state of being. When we can achieve this level of balance and harmony, we feel the unwavering sense of inner peace.
So many people spend their entire lives searching for this peace. We search for it in our food, our relationships, in endless seminars and workshops. Often we see this search turn into addictions that transform our bodies and our minds in a profound way.

Searching for Inner Peace with Sacred Geometry

The problem with our eternal search for this inner peace is that we often over look how this search can deteriorate the quality of our lives. We shift into survival mode searching for solutions outside of ourselves. Fear, separation, poor nutrition, and the constant bombardment of electromagnetic frequency (EMF bombardment) can alter our inner existence.
These struggles impact our daily lives, our health, our relationships, and our own connection with our inner self.

In turn, it leaves us feeling drained and limited. So, we continue to search for external sources we think will make us feel good inside.

These external “good feelings” can be our obsessive need to acquire material goods, accumulate wealth, or define our lives in value by societal status, food, or pharmaceutical drugs. We can delve into altered states of consciousness via mind altering narcotics and psychedelics. Most often, we can continue this search by relying on others in a co-dependent manner.
All of these mechanisms that aid our external search for inner peace serve us on our journey to discovering who we truly are

We need to make the shift inside if we are going to feel true peace.

This journey to inner peace starts with us and our choices of letting go. We must shift from thinking about everything and allow our minds to drive our experience to a state of feeling with our hearts. Using our inner guidance we can find this sense of harmony, balance, and inner peace

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Finding Harmony Impacts the quality of your life

Harmony hacks your DNA and your reality. Creating a true transformation, each cell in your body is imprinted at a deep level when you find the higher level of harmony. Through brain training systems like the Quantum Harmony iQube, you can retrain your brain out of stress and into deep relaxation.


    You can tap into your creativity to find the inner peace of alpha, theta, and gamma frequencies that affect how you experience your life.

    Our secret to accelerating your transformation lies in the entrainment of the alpha, theta, gamma, and delta brain waves. Through the holographic Golden Six Binaural Beat waveform, this revolutionary zero point technology is based on the secret power of 3 scalar vortex miracoils in a nested geometry.

    Hear Directly From Our Customers

    I wanted to share with you that I have been taking it into the Women’s Abuse Shelter with my crystal bowls, and what a great effect it has had. The staff and even the building is vibrating differently.

    Kathy, Sound Healer, Naples Florida
    This is a mind melding technology that will enhance your telepathic communication. It will alter your concept of what is possible.
    Don Cooke, Retired Engineer and Quantum explorer
    truly feel supported by the technology. I feel supported in this higher vibration that I am creating. I feel strong, and I feel more courageous.
    Jules R., Physical trainer, mother, wellness coach and healer St. Louis, Missouri
    My OM Pocket ran out of battery, and I immediately felt all the EMF’s that were emanating everywhere and destroying our consciousness.
    Jeanette Moorehead, Psychic, Texas
    It is like a swift clearing of loss and upsets… Like hitting a re-set button to my higher self, but with the added wisdom of the most recent past loss or upset.
    Kate Schmidt, Retired Consultant, AZ, USA

    7 Benefits of The Triple Nested Sacred Geometry of the Scalar Wave Vortex

    With the Quantum Harmony iQube brain training system, every cell in your body will be imprinted at a deeper level with higher frequencies. You will retrain out the stress patterns creating deep relaxation, creativity, and inner peace.

    You will begin to see, think, and create more clearly. By raising your frequency to a new octave, the decalcification of the pineal gland (opening your third eye) will accelerate with the Quantum Harmony iQube more than any other Quantum iQube system. This is due to the enhanced imprinting capabilities of the triple nested scalar vortex

    Your home becomes a sacred geometry sanctuary

    Plug & play 24×7 Cosmic vacuum cleaner of triple nested scalar energy keeps the environment free from extraneous energies. The “secret” is hidden in the sacred geometry of the triple nested scalar energy vortex coils. This sacred geometry acts as a powerful cleanser detoxing you and your environment, while imprinting coherent frequency information that is beneficial and accelerates the creation of new neural pathways.

    Your relationships improve

    Harmony creates a true transformation. The Harmony addresses the quantum energy field of your living environment, repatterning your quantum brain as you sleep, work and play. Each cell in your body will be imprinted with coherent frequency information that trains your brain out of typical patterns of stress (fight,flight,freeze) into deep relaxation, creativity and the inner peace of alpha, theta and gamma frequencies. Increasing your Harmony IQ (empathy) naturally improves your relationships, and co-creative ability. The quantum field that is generated effortlessly penetrates the subconscious beliefs that may be preventing you from tapping into your full potential to love, work and live joyfully. As neuroscientist, Dr. Octavio Pino has stated, “this is the only technology that teaches the quantum brain to function.”

    You get powerful EMF protection for accelerated detoxification

    This triple nested scalar vortex acts as a powerful cleanser, detoxing you and your environment, while also imprinting beneficial, coherent frequency information by accelerating the creation of new neural pathways. The coherent field generated by the long wave lengths characteristic of scalar energy provides a cancellation effect for EMF and other incoherent energy.

    The harmonious sacred geometry you attune to transforms your reality 24×7

    “Change your brain to change your life.” You will meditate and concentrate effortlessly like a zen master throughout your day. Due to the properties of entrainment, your brain wave states will naturally attune to alpha, theta and gamma brain waves that are silently broadcasted from Harmony. Each cell in your body will be imprinted at a deep level with higher frequencies… re-trained out of stress patterns, re-trained into deep relaxation, creativity and the inner peace of alpha, theta and gamma frequencies…

    You become more productive and creative at your work

    The Focus, Peak Performance, Telomeres and Gamma brain wave sound track have been designed to accelerate your focus, learn effortlessly and work at levels of peak performance previously saved for the domain of elite athletes, executives and artists. The reward of attuning to these frequencies is that you effortlessly entrain with a natural peak performance state of flow. Our secret to accelerate your transformation is entrainment with the theta, alpha, gamma and delta brain waves in the context of the holographic Golden Six binaural beat wave form.

    Pineal and frontal lobe brain activity is retrained

    The Harmony has a pre-programmed soundtrack for your glands, organs and frontal lobe. There is a specific soundtrack to awaken the pineal and frontal lobe. You will begin to see, think, and create more clearly, raising your frequency to a new octave. The decalcification of the pineal (opening your third eye) accelerates with the Harmony, more than any other iQube (except, of course, the Tesla). This is due to the enhanced imprinting capabilities of the triple nested scalar vortex.

    Harmony will clear subconscious negative, emotional, and karmic patterns

    The Sacred Geometry Harmony iQube  comes with the Quantum Sound Therapy Software so you can create and play your customized sound therapy audiotracks through the scalar wave vortex. This allows you to pinpoint specific stress points and balance these on a regular basis. We recommend that you do a new Sound Therapy session for yourself weekly, and listen to this daily to accelerate the clearing of the deepest repetitive patterns that limit your potential. You will find that your “blocks” are cleared quickly and at times beyond your conscious awareness. It is an effortless form of repatterning that takes place. In Sai Maa’s words: “Your technology has the ability to release repetitive programming from the subconscious.” This is ideally suited for practitioners and you can obtain a “Sound Coach” Certification and Spiritual Healers License in our program offered at: www.sacredscalarboard.com

    Order Your Quantum Harmony iQube Sacred Geometry System

    PLUS we will include a free e-book that includes the most powerful tips for how to use the Quantum Harmony iQube Sacred Geometry to change your brain, raise your resonance, and improve your life.

    Put some Harmony back into your life. Order today!

    The Quantum Harmony iQube reduces deep-seated false beliefs, chronic fear, anxiety, and sadness. By increasing your happiness through a state of ease and enlightenment, the Quantum Harmony iQube will radically accelerate your transformation.

    Backed by the First Female Awarded the Jagad Guru Distinction

    Sai Maa, a world renowned enlightened master, stated that the Harmony is a most important prerequisite for spiritual attainment. Conversations with Sai Maa have inspired many of the innovations, like the telomere soundtrack.

    “Your technology has the ability to release repetitive programming from the subconscious, and I will share it with the world.” – Sai Maa

    Sai Maa was instrumental in bringing the Sacred Scalar wave – Quantum Sound Therapy technology to the world. She highly endorses the benefits of the iQube technology to support spiritual enlightenment and reduce the karmic burden of repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs.

    Here what our Spiritual Tribe has to say about the Harmony iQube

    “The Harmony iQube creates a strong, supportive frequency of balance and harmony. We have the ability to attune our body and mind to the Harmony energy by letting go of any belief systems and energetic blocks that are not in alignment with it.”

    I could breathe for the first time, allowing me to stay centred in who and what I truly am. One with everything that is!

    – Matthew, iQube owner, Canada

    “Bombardment and exposure throughout the day to differing energies and frequencies of electronics (EMFs), food, 4. Opens your third eye by burning through repetitive emotional patterns making the meditation process effortless. people, other technologies, etc. can create disharmony and imbalance within our bodies.

    The Harmony iQube creates a strong, supportive frequency of balance and harmony, and we have the ability to attune our body and mind to this energy by letting go of any belief systems and energetic blocks that are not in alignment with it.”

    – Matthew

    “The Harmony-oneness cube supports the energy that is already inside of us, like a boost and acceleration that gives us the opportunity to most importantly feel, recognize, and remember what is already there, but also to embrace it and feel a state of peace, balance, clarity and neutrality, without effort and struggle. We all have the power within to make a shift in our lives, and this technology can be an awesome catalyst and support for the shift you are looking to make. Thank you for this creation!” .Much love

    – Matthew Christodoulou, Canada

    “When I experienced the new Harmony iQube, I had an immediate experience of pressure in my third eye. This was followed by a deep meditation. I like it. The new frequencies were supporting me in my shift. I began to feel smoother. The Spirit Molecule is part of burning through the patterns that I need to change, the patterns that aren’t serving me, and making changes. This is a real impetus to go back to my spiritual practice.”

    – Ellen Burkett, editor and therapist, Boulder, Colorado

    “We have also had increased health and vitality on all fronts. My son, who is an athlete, received a scholarship to play division 1 lacrosse and his SAT’s increased significantly (over 100 points). Both of my teenage sons have been so grounded, happy, doing well (really well) in school. Our home feels wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for the work you are doing.”

    – Denise Gindhardt, Consultant, Pennsylvania

    “Excellent healing qualities– very fast. It’s like “eh, I can’t say this, but whatever, I am saying it anyway…..” – It’s like all filters vanish…..all is being revealed to become authentic. We love the new Harmony. We see and experience the TRUE faces of everyone and everything – The 5th house in astrology seem to be awakened in specific with this IQube – sexuality, romance, creativity, playfulness, joy and inner child – inner ONENESS, as we must become ONE with ourselves before we can become ONE with everyone else. Besides that, a more keen and focused mind in peace and HARMONY.

    – Savannah, Founder, Omahara School of Enlightenment, Astrologer, Denmark

    I have always sought connection to others. I have realized that the connection I sought was truly the connection to myself…That connection had brought me great peace, love and strength… A connection to source that I could never have imagined…Thank you… I have been seeking that connection to myself for so long… And so the journey continues.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… Love

    Ann xoxo Ann Sahadath, Toronto, Canada, Clearly Conscious Energetics

    “I want to share a bit about my 1st few weeks with Oneness IQube. First off, THANK YOU….
    Wow is all I can say. In a lot of ways, it is like a dream come true for me in my journey of sharing love and connecting with others. I now believe that I will be able to live in a state of continual “love / oneness” in this lifetime. I feel so much more expansive. My conscious access to sense and feel the past, present and future and the oneness of all is also improving. Now, it feels like my higher consciousness is closer, easier to connect with, or said another way, easier to bring my higher state energy into me. Like my soul is gaining more direct access to me. I can feel my higher state consciousness almost at will now.”

    – Bill Little, Toronto, Canada

    “I know this may seem like a small thing, but I stopped compulsively shopping for clothing and make-up. Some void within me was filled. I just knew that I didn’t need these things to feel complete any longer”

    – Marie, New York, New York.

    “Definitely a game changer. I used the Harmony to increase the yield and raise the vibration of my organic crop this year. I used 50% less fertilizer, and the crop yielded between 25 and 75% more. I am still evaluating the final yield. This has huge implications for farmers of all kinds.”

    – Ken Doll, Agriculturist, Canada

    Order Your Quantum Harmony iQube Sacred Geometry System

    PLUS we will include a free e-book that includes the most powerful tips for how to use the Quantum Harmony iQube to change your brain, raise your resonance, and improve your life.

    Put some Harmony back into your life. Order today!

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    • Financing charge is 5% or $360
    • Custom inert noble gas inserts plus 1 Oxygen tube.
    • Speaker A CA-3090 speaker system is provided for home or office.
    • AC adapter to run the digital players 24/7.

    Downpayment 50% ($3,708)

    3 payments of $1,236

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    Quantum Harmony iQube comes with 110/240 power systems. We use an AC adapter to run the digital players 24/7.

    We provide multiple custom inert noble gas inserts plus 1 Oxygen tube. With our new designs and carbon fiber tubes we no longer have to exchange the noble gases.

    Digital Player is pre-loaded with custom frequency programs. Coupling the internal drive directly to our custom amp allows us to produce perfect frequencies and waveforms.

    Our Harmony comes with three bottles of Spirit Molecule Water concentrate and 3 bottles of IQube Water Concentrate. These special waters were created to carry the priority frequency information into the body while flushing toxins and providing maximum hydration.

    A CA-3090 speaker system is provided when using Harmony in home or office.