Windows Operating System is Required. Minimum Recommended Specs:

Operating System: Windows 10/11 – 64bit

Processor: Intel i3, i5, i7 (5th generation or above recommended)


Hard Drive Size: 256GB+ (M.2 fastest, SSD are excellent)

*Do NOT buy a Chromebook or eMachine.

We Recommend the Lenovo Yoga and Thinkpad series for practitioners.

Best Buy



MacOS Users:

For stability and ease of use, we do recommend you procure a Windows operating system machine like an inexpensive laptop.

You can run an emulator like Parallels or a Bootcamp installation. We don’t support Parallels installations due to the many issues that may arise. This is not recommended unless you are tech-savvy due to changes within the environment cross connecting resources and surprises that come with updates. So this can be quite challenging. However, if you get Windows operating on your Apple computer, we will support and do training on Quantum Sound Therapy software. Contact us for further details and these details are discussed during our onboarding appointments.

Alternatively, utilize the Cloud Sound Therapy app. We will train you on how to transfer the audio created with the app over to your audio player. The process is less elegant than the Quantum Sound Therapy software, but it is effective.


Install or Run AnyDesk for Remote Support:

*If your machine is optimized for touch, please set Tablet Mode to Off before connecting.


QST Installer:


Virtual Sound Driver (simple sample processing):