Thank you for your Cloud Sound Therapy order!!

Below are the installation instruction for iPhone, Android, and Windows operating systems. 
Locate the instructions for the device you would like to use for Cloud Sound/Couples Therapy, 
and you will be on your way to tone bliss in a matter of minutes! 

***If you receive a message saying, "Not a registered user," please try again in a few minutes.

Apple iOS - iPhone/iPad App Instructions:

1. Locate the Cloud Sound Therapy app on Apple App Store using your iPhone/iPad. 
Search "Cloud Sound Therapy Voice Code," or click the following link:

2. Install and launch the app.

3. Input your registered email, and click record on the menu to get started. 

======================================================= Windows Instructions: ======================================================= 1. Click on the following link to locate the app in the Windows Store: 2. Click on "Get" to install the Windows App. 3. Input your registered email, and click record on the menu to get started.


There is no automatic way to use Cloud Sound Therapy with MacOS at this time.

For MacOS, I recommend installing the Audacity software to record your voice.


Once you have it installed and launched, simply click on the record button and save us a recording of your voice.

We basically need about 10 seconds of your voice saying:
Bay, Bee, Bye, Bo, Boo, Hay, Hee, Hi, Hoe, Hoo

Once we receive your recording, I will process your program and send you the download link.


If the system says, "Not a registered user," wait a few minutes and try again.

Please email or phone your support inquiries or questions to us at:

Cloud Sound Therapy Team