The subject has extreme Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He is right brain dominant, has colitis, allergies, and various other health challenges. It is my belief that the high mental activity (the white spot in the top left-hand image) prevents the body from settling down and going through the natural healing process. He simply has too much mental activity (inner chatter) going on all the time.

However, our system does not simply beat two frequencies; the output waveforms are complex and contain more than simply two waveforms. We generate a complicated interference pattern comprised of more than 6 waveforms and the interference pattern thus generated exhibits dynamic shifting in four-dimensional space (the three spatial dimensions and time). By the use of a phasing equation, we are able to manipulate the Scalarwave energy construct so that it maximizes the impact on the receiving system – the user.

Using our computer software we generated a generic alpha – Theta program and played it through the round MiraCoil using pure sine waves with sine wave modulation. We see a shift from the right hemisphere to the left and a major improvement in the front area of the brain. We see the high-frequency white spot completely removed in the post-test indicating he is experiencing greater levels of rest and coherence.

The increased Delta readings do not normally occur and indicate cellular stimulation. This brain map is a perfect example of how the technology can take a dysfunctional brain pattern, settle down the mental activity and show an improvement one hour later.

If we had used the computer system and played back his personal tones we would have seen an even greater improvement. Since this test was done, we have created the triangle, square, pentagon and hexagonal Scalar Vortex Miracoils. It is quite obvious that the Miracoil Technology offers an alternative to stress management that deserves further investigation.

“As a result of the 6 waveforms, we have designed the system to both maximize neuroplasticity and creates phantom frequencies in the brain.  This is when during phases of silence, we “hear” frequencies known as “phantom frequencies.” It is the sign that your neural network is exercising or working out.  This puts us in a stand-alone category hundred of years ahead of our time. This breakthrough allows you to advance in consciousness more rapidly in order to accelerate your growth—the growth outside of your normal redundant circuitry and patterns.”

Helena Reilly