Biophysicist Dr. Colin W. F. McClare discovered that, unlike tangible, physical signals, frequencies and vibrations are much more effective in relaying information to both the brain and body. This explains the positive impact healing sound frequencies have on our moods and emotions.

The Mathematics of Your 5 Octave Voice Sample

“Mathematics is the universal language. The composition of the earth and the human body is the Table of Elements. We analyze one billion bits of information from your voice to determine the elements in your voice that are weak and stressed. We then are able to harmonically balance these with frequency.”

The Quantum Tesla Unique Design

It’s hidden in the sacred geometry. The Quantum Tesla iQube brain training system has the power to fundamentally change your human consciousness and support healing on a planetary level.

AM/PM Soundtracks for OmPocket

Included with the Quantum OmPocket is an AM/PM Soundtrack (detailed information below) that naturally align you with the specific needs of your day and night. This is why they feel better. This soundtrack can be played silently through scalar energy Quantum OmPocket or with headphones.