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"My partner has had addiction problems and I was not aware of them, once he confessed and explained he immediately got a treatment plan from my friend that uses Tesla devices. But since we live in Australia and my friend in Europe the therapies were always on distance and I must say that from the day the OmPocket arrived ( of course I started using it straight away) his behavior changed and mine as well. I was worried a lot and stressed and in fear, now we are both more relaxed and he started to make a better progress towards his healing and it has only been 3 weeks.

My partner does not completely believe in things he cannot see but it is affecting him absolutely. I travel around with OmPocket whole day and he gets to be around afternoons and through the night and weekends when we are together, so pretty much all the time the OmPocket is with us."

Ana Peternel, Australia

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"The Pocket has really helped me in my life... I'm a goaltender in hockey... The OmPocket without a doubt has given me my "edge" again, and helped remove any blocks from me getting into my "zone"...Off the ice, it's just really helped me find that inner balance, inner peace again (something which had been missing)..."

Scott, BC, Canada

“I was taking my cat to the vet.  She usually becomes so anxious, and is an elderly cat. She was very calm as I played the OmPocket on Clearing.

I shared the OmPocket with the Veterinarian who observed that although we placed the OmPocket in the surgery room, it calmed all of the animals in the clinic down.”

Ellen Burkett, Colorado
Therapist, Editor, Meditator

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7 Soundtracks

  • Awaken Pineal - Your Gateway to MultiDimensional Travel

  • Accelerated Learning: Gateway To Ascension & Prosperity

  • Deep Delta Sleep

  • Corona Virus & 5G Protection

  • Grounding & Physical Strength

  • Emotional Clearing: Raise Your Vibe

  • Meditation For Inner Peace & New Dimensions

4 bottles of structured water

(2 Spirit Molecule; 1 Miracle; 1 Super Calm)


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Brain Balance Soundtrack

Theta Brainwave Entrainment Soundtrack

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