Falling In The Trap:

5 Mistakes You May Be Making As An Empath-HSP

  1. Thinking that the “Empath-HSP” (Highly Sensitive Person) Trait Will Go Away Eventually….Perhaps You Will Grow Out Of It; —Like a developmental phase
  2. Thinking that you can have the same daily habits as others; Like drinking 2 or 3 glasses of wine at night;
  3. Thinking that YOU CAN HIDE & if you repress, deny or ignore these qualities of sensitivity, they will become less dominant;
  4. Thinking you can run away to some distant land and when you arrive you won’t have this trait any longer;
  5. Thinking that you if you take drugs, party wildly, go to some ashram in some distant land; meditate your brains out, go into silence for days, eat organic or raw vegan food only, go to an acupuncturist or a therapist of some sort, attend hundreds of live events and workshops to lift your spirits, follow gurus of all sorts, take an ayahuasca journey in Peru, live isolated on an exotic farm in Costa Rica—that this trait will somehow be better.

This is not the case. Trust me I know. You have this sensitivity for a reason. It is a refinement.

There is no instant cure. It is a matter of acknowledging the quantum gift that exists behind the sensitivity.  

It is also about consciously creating your life as a “quantum field” that supports your sensitivity.

Instead of creating a field in your life that “damages” or causes you to become shut down.  You need to find the people who understand this as a gift, not a weakness. The ideal people for you to have in your life can see and appreciate the unique gift and light that you are holding and emanating.  They help you to enhance this gift by focusing on the unfoldment of the potential that is hidden within.

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About the Author:

Helena Reilly, M.A. Helena did her graduate work in Psychotherapy & Psychological Treatment at the University of Chicago. In 2015 she received the award for Best Therapist and Therapy From Who's Who Of Distinguished Alumni. Realizing the limitations of her academic training, she sought to create a modality that was more effective than talk therapy. She has worked applying Sound Therapy and Scalar Energy Technology for 25 years in her upper west side Manhattan based private practice which she left to co-create the synergistic modality now known as "Quantum Sound Therapy" with Robert Lloy in order to transform and uplift humanity efficiently. This is a voice based modality that efficiently detects deep subconscious stress and releases it. It is available in minutes online and at the Apple Play Store. The iQubes synergistically combine scalar energy tesla coils with sound therapy frequencies and voice analysis to effect permanent subconscious transformation.