June 2, 2015 By Deb Svanefelt

Well, to start with we need to recognize 2 things (that I’ve learned in over 30 years as a therapist, and more recently as a sound coach):

  1. Talk-therapy relies on what you’re consciously aware of.
  2. Sound healing via your voice contains all your life experiences, both known/remembered… and un-rememberedwhat you’re unconscious of.  It’s all held within your voice.

What does this mean in talk-therapy?

Well, in standard talk-therapy, we identify the feelings that are troubling us.

Then, with sleuthing about, we search for patterns in our lives – patterns which, using lots of insight and a pinch of intuition, help us understand the emotional reactivity that’s troubling to us.

Next, we can painstakingly try to identify what’s really at the base of human suffering – our stressed-out, negative thoughts… These are most frequently conclusions about how life works, what we can expect, and what these beliefs/conclusions say about us (not the happy stuff – the stressed-out, misery-inducing ones).

Finally, we need to work to change those limiting, stressful thoughts to more positive, affirming ones.

The problem with this?  Those stressful thoughts are conclusions we first came to quite early in life, as very young children, when we were trying to understand everything that happened around us.

And the problem with that is, when we’re really young children, our brains are not fully developed and we think in very basic, black-and-white ways.

But unfortunately for us (in terms of subsequent suffering), our brains continue to scan brand new experiences for patterns… for meaning – and most often find them… in the templates of these old and stressful beliefs/thoughts.

So, we end up noticing and paying attention to what re-creates those old stressors and primitive black-and-white conclusions.  Repeatedly.  Over and over again.  (Did I mention over and over again…)

And by the time we’re adults, we no longer remember most of those old memories and conclusions consciously – we just feel the emotional reactions, and occasionally notice the patterns, the similarities…

But all this occurs without awareness of those ancient thoughts which are in the driver’s seat of how we experience life.  They’re unconscious thoughts and automatic reactions, by the time we become adults.  They’re on auto-pilot.

And that’s why, in talk-therapy, we have to search and search for those underlying thoughts/beliefs – so we can then consciously work hard to change them.  It’s arduous and slow work.

OK, so what about using our voices to clear stress?

Remember that basic understanding:  our voices contain all our experiences- the ‘’good, the bad and the ugly’’ – it’s all held in our voice.  This includes what’s no longer conscious to us.

So, when we do a 10 – 15 second voice sample (talking not singing), what the voice assessment software identifies quite clearly and specifically, is where we’re feeling stressed – in our physical, emotional, mental (yes, those thoughts!) and spiritual ‘’bodies’’.

We don’t need to remember the original stressful event, or figure out the patterns, or try to change anything.

Then the software creates a 24 minute series of frequency-based sounds which balance our bodies… by replacing whichever unique-to-us frequencies are most out of balance.

When we listen to these frequencies, these balancing tones which have been held out of our voice by stress (created by those negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs), are now re-experienced by our bodies…

And that melts the stress away.

We don’t need to be consciously aware of the memories, or the underlying thoughts – or ”do” anything to ”fix” us.

We just need to listen to our individualized personal frequencies, which bring us back into balance and relaxation.

And that’s the power of this frequency-based healing modality. So much easier than all the hard work needed to try to consciously dig around to discover those pesky, stressed-out, ancient thoughts which so powerfully affect all of us.

All we need to do, is to listen to our balancing frequencies… To allow our old stressful thoughts to melt away… And to naturally step into greater relaxation and joy – both of which are natural to our un-stressed state.

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Deb Svanefelt is a trauma therapist and a sound coach.  Her lifelong experience with helping others has given her the insight needed to evaluate these tools.  She lives in Canada and is the mother of two sons.  Deb is an expert blogger and you can visit her at: http://courageousquesting.com



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