Imagine you’re going on a journey. You’re traveling from the land of pain, suffering, scarcity and divisiveness…. And your destination is the country of wholeness, love, joy, and your own unlimited, creative potential.

You have two vehicles to choose from, to get you there.
One is an older model car. Serviceable, with a two cylinder engine, it will get you there reliably. But it’s going to take a long time, getting there.

The other is a brand new 6 cylinder Porsche. It’s got an amazingly powerful engine… Efficient, reliable and fast, it will speed you there in no time… So you can begin enjoying your time, getting acquainted with your new home in the land of wholeness.

Which will you choose?

The Golden 6 is the Porsche of wave forms. Rather than having just two waves which beat together, as in binaural beat technology, to provide the opportunity for your brain to enter into different states of consciousness (as correlated with the different brainwave patterns), the Golden 6 has six wave forms.

Interplay of sound wave and notes on the subject of music, audio and sound technology

Originally developed by the genius programmer , Les Marshall(who designed it from lengthy studying of the neuro-science journals at Stanford U.), this is a unique, breakthrough technology, which isn’t found anywhere else on the planet.


Even after it was developed, it took Robert Lloy over 12 years to take this genius piece of programming, and find a way to create the Golden Six waveform from it. It’s both complex, and incredibly powerful.

Creator Robert Lloy describes the discovery and impact of the Golden Six:

“The Golden 6 waveform is the perfect carrier for our iQubes. It constructs a complicated interference pattern, which maximizes the creation of new neural pathways.
In traditional binaural beat technology, they create audio tracks with binaural beats, by simplistically beating two frequencies together, creating a shift which can occur on a minor scale.
With the Golden 6 waveform, we finally discovered how to beat six beats together. In other words, instead of two beats, we’re actually producing six of them. This creates an interference pattern of dynamic shifting into four dimensional space (the three spatial dimensions plus time).
And then those six also go through a phasing equation. This results in your brain experiencing new phenomena such as phantom sounds and tones, within the silence between the different audio frequencies being played… indicating an actual expansion of dendrites in the brain…
In other words, you can actually hear your brain growing new neural pathways… And this phenomena also indicates an increase in your consciousness.
It’s an incredible, truly incredible piece of code”.

With its brilliant mathematical algorithm, based on a deep understanding of quantum physics, the Golden Six maximizes the healing impact of your iQube’s scalar field for you… transporting you more easily and effortlessly, into the land of wholeness, love, joy, and your unlimited, creative potential.

All our newer iQubes come with the Golden 6 already included. If you have an older model of our iQubes, it’s an easy upgrade – just call (501) 588-7109 ext.2, or contact us at

We hope you enjoy your journey.